Full-time Faculty in History

Picture Last, First Email Office Phone Area of Specialization
Admiral, Rosemary
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 3.920 972-883-3906 History of Middle East and North Africa; Islamic Legal History; Histories of Women and Gender; Premodern Moroccan History
Amato, Lawrence
Associate Professor of Instruction
[email protected] JO 5.704 972-883-6055 Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics
Bambach, Charles
[email protected] JO 5.416 972-883-2006 Hermeneutics, contemporary continental philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Derrida, Philosophy & Poetry
Brown, Matthew
[email protected] JO 4.120 972-883-2536 Philosophy of Science, American Pragmatism, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Technology, Science and Values
Channell, David
[email protected] JO 5.422 972-883-2007 History of science, technology and medicine; philosophy of science and technology; science and religion; art and technology; 18th- to 20th-century European intellectual history; 19th-century British history.
Davies, Katherine
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 5.104 Continental Philosophy; History of Philosophy; Feminist Theory; Ethics
Farmer, J. Michael
Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 5.612 972-883-6354 Chinese Studies
Fischer, Anne
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 5.610 972-883-3955 U.S. women's history, police and prisons, political and social movements, urban history
Gonzalez/Corona, Pedro
Visiting Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 4.818 972-883-2758
Gossin, Pamela
[email protected] JO 5.404 972-883-2071 History of Science and interdisciplinary Literature and Science studies (especially 17th through 20th centuries); women and science; literature and the environment, including nature writing; scientific biography and autobiography; popularization of science and public education in science and technology; science poetry; interrelations of astronomy, cosmology and literature; Japanese anime and manga; Great Plains literature and culture; "Great Books" of World Cultures.
Hill, Kimberly
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 3.928 972-883-6908 Race History and Theory, Protestant History in the United States, African American History, the Long Civil Rights Movement, Oral History
Kang, S. Deborah
Associate Professor of History
[email protected] JO 5.522 972-883-2028 US West and Borderlands History, Immigration History and Policy, Legal History, Race and Ethnicity
Kerner, Amy
Assistant Professor in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies
[email protected] JO 4.818 972-883-5622 Holocaust Studies, Jewish History, Human Rights, Latin America
Ozsvath, Zsuzsanna
[email protected] JO 4.818 972-883-2758 19th- and 20th-century European literature and history and Holocaust studies.
Park, Peter
Associate Professor (Emeritus)
[email protected] Early Modern Europe, the European Enlightenment, German Intellectual History, Orientalism, History of Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy
Patterson, David
[email protected] JO 4.800 972-883-2049 Holocaust, Jewish Thought, Anti-Semitism, Israel
Rankin, Monica
Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 4.916 972-883-2005 Mexican history, Latin American history
Ring, Natalie
Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 5.102 972-883-2365 US Southern History, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Southern Studies, Global South, History of Crime, Punishment, and Violence
Roemer, Nils
Interim Dean / Director of the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies / Professor
[email protected] JO 4.800 972-883-2769 German, European, Jewish history, culture and thought and the Holocaust
Schlereth, Eric
Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 3.918 972-883-2168 American Revolution and the early United States.
Schulze, Jeffrey
Clinical Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 3.512 972-883-2073 American Indian, environmental, and borderlands history, with a focus on the U.S.-Mexico border region
Stewart, Whitney
Assistant Professor
Affiliate, Edith O'Donnell Institute of Art History
[email protected] JO 5.114 972-883-2962 American History, Race, Material Culture, Public History
Valente, Sarah
Visiting Assistant Professor, Friend of the Wald Professorship
[email protected] JO 4.818 972-883-2758 Latin American Jewish literature, history, Holocaust studies, and translation
Wickberg, Daniel
Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 5.428 972-883-6222 U.S. Intellectual and Cultural History; History of Social Thought; Historical Thought and Historiography
Wilson, Michael
Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 5.604 972-883-2080 Modern European cultural, intellectual and social history; history of gender and sexuality; historiography.
Wright, Ben
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 5.412 972-883-6019 Nineteenth century America; Slavery and Abolition; Religious history; Digital Humanities

Part-time Faculty in History

Picture Last, First Email Office Phone Area of Specialization
Rabe, Stephen
Professor (Emeritus)
[email protected] U.S. Foreign Relations, U.S. Relations with Latin America, The United States since 1945, The American Experience in Vietnam & Iraq
Soliday, Gerald
Associate Professor (Emeritus)
[email protected] JO 5.608F 972-883-2994 European History

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