Holocaust Studies Program

The University of Texas at Dallas is a major center for Holocaust Studies. Under the direction of Dr. Zsuzsanna Ozsvath, the Center offers semi-annual graduate seminars on the Shoah, and contains the Arnold A. Jaffe Holocaust Book Collection, which is housed within the UTD main library. In addition, the program presents its Burton C. Einspruch Holocaust Lecture Series and Symposium annually, featuring world-renowned scholars in the fields of history, literature, philosophy, and film. This three dimensional program affords graduate students the opportunity to work on M.A., M.A.T., and Ph.D. degrees in historical, literary, or aesthetic studies with emphasis on the Holocaust.

Study of the Holocaust at UTD furthers our contemporary attempts at understanding, speaking about, interpreting, and representing this difficult period in history, and the bureaucratic and military apparatus that was enlisted to implement the murder of millions of people in an orderly and routine process. The Program’s multi-layered approach encourages the study of this extraordinary complex series of events and the exploration of the relationship between hatred and action, while emphasizing the need for sympathy and solidarity with our fellow human beings.

For more information, visit the Center for Holocaust Studies Website.