Major in Historical Studies

The Historical Studies Major at UT Dallas balances three educational objectives :

  • developing skills of critical analysis
  • training competent writers
  • broadening students' field of vision chronologically and globally

Encompassing coursework in history and philosophy, the degree plan encourages students to design a distinctive program of study around their interests. In the first year, students should take a variety of classes that explore different themes, topics, time periods and historical or philosophical approaches.

By the second or third year (at the very latest), it is imperative that students take Historical Inquiry (Hist 3301). As the major's core course in research methods, analysis and writing, 3301 teaches skills essential for the work of more demanding upper-division classes.

Students may also pursue certification to teach history and/or social studies and/or English, or Fast-Track into the history master's program.

Liberal arts majors find advantage in the marketplace - whether in education, business, journalism or any other field - with their ability to think creatively, critically and globally and communicate persuasively. Students of history and philosophy must reach beyond the classroom to fully benefit from the historical studies.

Majors are, therefore, strongly encouraged to establish proficiency in a foreign language, study abroad and take advantage of internships offered by UT Dallas in other parts of the country or the world.

Students excelling in their historical studies course work, earning a 3.80 GPA in the major, are encouraged to write an Honors Thesis for credit under the discretion of a supervising professor in their final semester of coursework.

Students are also eligible to apply for membership in the University of Texas at Dallas Alpha Mu Iota chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society.

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