Full-time Faculty in Literature

Picture Last, First Email Office Phone Area of Specialization
Barnes, Ashley
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 5.110 972-883-3828 Nineteenth century American literature
Brewer, Kenneth
Clinical Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 3.924 972-883-3565 Nineteenth-Century British Literature, Aesthetics, Humor Studies
Cohen, Milton
[email protected] JO 5.518 972-883-2029 20th-century American literature, modernist literature, painting and music.
Cotter, Sean
[email protected] JO 5.106 972-883-2037 Translation Studies, international Modernist literature, Romanian literature.
Gooch, John
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies / Associate Professor
[email protected] JO 4.510 972-883-2756 rhetorical criticism, history and theory of rhetoric, legal rhetoric, presidential rhetoric, writing and communication pedagogy, public and professional speaking, public address, professional communication, crisis communication, communication and leadership
Gossin, Pamela
[email protected] JO 5.404 972-883-2071 History of Science and interdisciplinary Literature and Science studies (especially 17th through 20th centuries); women and science; literature and the environment, including nature writing; scientific biography and autobiography; popularization of science and public education in science and technology; science poetry; interrelations of astronomy, cosmology and literature; Japanese anime and manga; Great Plains literature and culture; "Great Books" of World Cultures.
Greer, Erin
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 5.108 972-883-2767 20th/21st century British and Anglophone literature; ordinary language philosophy; critical theory
Gu, Ming
[email protected] JO 4.130 972-883-2760 Chinese and English Literature, Literary Theory, Comparative Poetics, Comparative Thought, Fiction Theory, Hermeneutics, Psychoanalytic and Semiotic Approaches to Literature, Art, and Cultural Studies
Hatfield, Charles
Associate Professor

Faculty Associate:
The Edith O'Donnell Institute of Art History / Center for Translation Studies / Center for U.S.-Latin America Initiatives
[email protected] JO 5.516 972-883-2780 Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Latin American literature, intellectual history, and visual art; critical theory; translation studies
Ingrao, Peter
Associate Professor of Instruction
[email protected] JO 4.636 972-883-6089 Southern Literature, Twentieth-Century American Literature, Appalachian Literature, trope of monstrosity in literature and film, heroic archetypes
Kratz, Dennis
Professor / Senior Associate Provost / Founding Director of the Center for Asian Studies
[email protected] JO 5.512 972-883-2986 Medieval literature, classical tradition, translation, fantasy/science fiction
Lambert, Thomas
Associate Professor of Instruction
[email protected] JO 5.608C 972-883-4151 Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Spanish & Portuguese.
Murphy, Jessica
Dean of Undergraduate Education / Associate Professor
[email protected] FO 2.710 972-883-4445 Early Modern English Literature and Culture, Renaissance Drama, Women's Writing
Ozsvath, Zsuzsanna
[email protected] JO 4.818 972-883-2758 19th- and 20th-century European literature and history and Holocaust studies.
Prieto, Rene
[email protected] JO 5.116 972-883-2280 Art-Baroque to Romanticism; 19th & 20th Century Literature
Redman, Timothy
Professor Emeritus
[email protected] JO 5.414 972-883-2775 American and British modernism, American Literature, medieval and renaissance Italian literature (Dante through Petrarch), ecopoetics, biography and autobiography.
Schulte, Rainer
Director, Center for Translation Studies / Editor, Translation Review / Professor
[email protected] JO 5.508 972-883-2092 Translation studies, 20th-century Latin American and European literature, literature and the arts; poetry writing.
Smith, Erin
Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Studies
[email protected] HH 2.304 972-883-2338 19th- and 20th-century American Literatures and Cultures, History of the Book, Gender Studies
Smith-Brecheisend, Davis
Assistant Professor of Literature
[email protected]
Starnaman, Sabrina
Associate Professor of Instruction
[email protected] JO 5.514 972-883-2721 American Literature, Disability Studies, Gender, Urbanism, Speculative Fiction, and Literature of Science.
Stone, Nomi
Assistant Professor
[email protected] JO 5.424 972-883-3954 poetry and poetics; anthropoetics; empire and militarism; phenomenology and affect; science studies
Towner, Theresa
[email protected] JO 5.620 972-883-2031 Faulkner, modern American literature, African American literature, Oz, Narnia, Harry Potter
Turner, Frederick
[email protected] JO 5.522 972-883-2777 Epic, Poetry, Shakespeare, Philosophy of Time, Aesthetics, Evolutionary Approaches to the Humanities
Valente, Sarah
Visiting Assistant Professor, Friend of the Wald Professorship
[email protected] JO 4.818 972-883-2758 Latin American Jewish literature, history, Holocaust studies, and translation
Walsh, Dennis
Clinical Professor
[email protected] JO 5.608F 972-883-2994 Early American Literature, Nineteenth Century American Literature, Introduction to Humanities, Introduction to Literature.

Part-time Faculty in Literature

Picture Last, First Email Office Phone Area of Specialization
Bolt, Caroline
Lecturer 1
[email protected] JO 5.109

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