As part of UT Dallas' School of Arts and Humanities, the Rhetoric and Writing Program offers multiple sections of the core writing requirement: Rhetoric (RHET 1302). Our course aids students in improving their writing ability by emphasizing transferrable skills that they can apply in their other academic courses, their careers and their individual lives.

Students enrolled in RHET 1302 benefit from computer-based learning environments. Our teachers hold classes in three different "smart" classrooms equipped with instructor stations and LCD projectors, as well as individual computers for students. We also keep class sizes small, with no more than 20 students in each section, so that teachers can give greater individualized instruction.

Every semester, RHET 1302 students complete a series of assignments for helping them improve their writing ability. Students draft and revise essay assignments asking them to call upon their writing, research and critical thinking skills. These assignments require students to identify their purpose, to analyze audiences and to articulate effectively a thesis as well as to provide adequate support for that thesis with good reasons and accurately cited and documented sources.

However, regardless of the media, medium or genre, we make certain students practice conventions that remain important for good writing. Through peer review and student-teacher conferences, we emphasize the importance of revision so that students can improve, for example, their paper's organization as well as achieve greater fluency at the sentence level.