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Managing Editor

Kenady Toombs

Kenady is a MA student in Humanities, majoring in Literature and Aesthetic Studies. Her research interests span children's literature, Southern gothic literature, and cultural narrative forms (e.g. song and dance and storytelling). She serves as an art history teaching assistant, and, during the summers, a reading teacher for the Institute of Reading Development. As a tireless admirer of Flannery O'Connor and Marilynne Robinson, Kenady appreciates writing that is tongue-in-cheek and that transforms the everyday into something sacred and beautiful. She has been reading short fiction for Carve Magazine since 2015, and she has previously read/reviewed poetry and visual arts for Reunion.


Chelsea Kaye Barnard

Chelsea is a M.A. student in Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is obsessively curious about the ways in which language (and literature) can empower individuals and build creative communities. Her research explores how storytelling can promote social equity. She is currently working on her creative thesis, studying the intersection of narrative theory and societal restriction through blackout poetry. She prefers writing and researching at night with a cup of tea in hand, while her tuxedo cat Scully judges accordingly.

Assistant Editor

Jennifer Crumley

Jennifer Crumley is a PhD student in Humanities, Studies in Literature, at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her areas of focus are British Modernist Novels, Post WWII Intellectual and Cultural History, and American Literature with an emphasis on vulgarity and the avant-garde. Her research interests center on the ability to connect the seemingly unconnected, as is evident in her undergraduate senior thesis, "Killers and Heroes" which explores the unlikely but successful comparisons of character and personality traits between ancient epic heroes and their modern, real-life, serial killer counterparts. Most recently she can be found attempting to convince the general public and academics that Tennessee Williams is the accidental founder of the Western zombie narrative.

Fiction Editor

Brian DiNuzzo

Brian DiNuzzo is a graduate student in the doctoral program at the University of Texas at Dallas. As well, he serves as a teaching assistant in the Arts and Humanities department. He is originally from New Jersey.

Poetry Editor

Bryan Gillin

Bryan is a fourth year PhD student at the University of Texas at Dallas, with a concentration in Aesthetic Studies and a minor in African-American History. He earned his Master's in History from Texas A&M University-College Station and a Bachelor's of Business Administration from Baylor University in Economics and Human Resources Management.

Creative Non-Fiction Editor

Esther Howard

Esther Howard is a current PhD student at The University of Texas at Dallas. Her undergraduate studies led her to a BA in Literary studies, followed by a Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies: all earned at the UT-Dallas campus. Professionally trained as a teacher, Esther currently works as a Rhetoric Instructor for the university. Though early in her doctoral studies, Esther is passionate about discourse centered around topics such as: feminist theory, Victorian studies, philosophy, and 17th-19th century history. Esther is also the historian for the Graduate Student Association Senate and the Non-Fiction Editor for Reunion: The Dallas Review. When not teaching or studying, Esther can be found reading, binge-watching Netflix, watching anime, spending time with her fiancée/family/friends, and sleeping.

Drama Editor &
Translation Reader

Alana King

Alana King is a first-year PhD candidate in Humanities. Her research interests include American Literature and History, the literature and history of marginalized and non-mainstream populations, film studies, and genocide studies. You can find her online at alanacking.com and on Twitter @alanacking.

Translation Editor

Lizbette Ocasio-Russe

Lizbette received her B.A. in Journalism/Romance Languages (Spanish/French) with a minor in Creative Writing from New York University. She completed her MA in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, where she also worked as the graduate student in charge of the university's literary magazine, Tonguas. She is currently working on her PhD in Humanities with a concentration in Studies in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. She has had short fiction published in Poui: The Cavehill Journal of Creative Writing, Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters, and Tonguas: Student Literary and Artistic Expression Journal. Both her academic and creative interests include diasporic studies and experiences, queer theory and literature, pop culture, and fractured/hybrid identities.

Fiction Reader

Bradley Carter

Brad is a second-year graduate student in the Humanities program, majoring in Studies in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. In 2014 he graduated with a BA in Literary Studies, and a minor in Creative Writing from The University of Texas at Dallas with major honors. His areas of interest are Nineteenth Century Literature, Shakespeare, Queer Theory, Feminist Theory, and reading and writing Fiction. His undergraduate senior honors thesis, "Redefining the Erotic Triangle in two of Shakespeare's Comedies" explores the currently accepted model of erotic triangles and seeks to include both queer love and unreciprocated love into that model. This is his first edition working with Reunion: The Dallas Review, and he is excited to be a part of the literary journal.

Fiction Reader &
Visual Arts Reviewer

Dan Christmann

Among other things, Dan Christmann counts himself a dramaturg, playwright, poet, recreational fiction writer, and general advocate for the creative life. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he has degrees from Calvin College and the University of Glasgow. He's worked with theatre companies in Chicago and Grand Rapids, generally specializing in adaptation and working with play structure. He's also worked extensively with Eastern European drama, writing his Masters' dissertation on the theological underpinnings of András Visky's Barrack Dramaturgy. At UT Dallas, he is continuing to hone his craft by working toward a PhD in Aesthetic Studies and by developing his own practice that blends local and participatory theatres with the formal innovations he's learned from his time across the pond. He enjoys Dallas' parks more than its skyscrapers, and you'll often find him wandering a water-honed trail looking for birds. Somehow he still misses snow.

Fiction Reader

Nina Cook

Nina is a second-year graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas in Humanities, Studies in Literature. Her areas of interest include the Victorian Novel, Romantic poetry, Gothic literature, and the Early Modern Period (especially Shakespeare). She finds didactic fiction fascinating and enjoys analyzing the ways that art changes the world it inhabits. She enjoys reading long books, going for long walks, and eating lots of chocolate. This is her first year working with the Reunion staff, and she looks forward to learning and growing alongside the journal.

Fiction Reader &
Social Media Manager

Hannah Popal

Hannah Popal is a Lady Gaga enthusiast and Literary Studies major at the University of Texas at Dallas. Formerly an intern at Deep Vellum Publishing, she is now a fiction reader and social media specialist for Reunion: The Dallas Review ; guest reader for Carve Magazine ; Web Editor of AMP, UT Dallas's opinion and satire magazine; and a moderator for a website dedicated to queer Young Adult literature.

Poetry Reader

Diana Miller

Diana Miller, MLS is a PhD student and Graduate Senator in Humanities at UT Dallas. She is also a Professor for DCCCD in Fine Arts Appreciation instruction. Her study focus is culture through the Arts and Social Sciences, with an emphasis in Organizational Dynamics development and behavior. She has presented at conferences and symposium at SMU Dallas, CUNY School of Journalism and Media Studies in New York, and Dallas University in Irving. She has had poetry published in the Pony Expressions Graduate Journal at SMU. Diana hopes to help make a difference in creating innovative education for Humanities, and preserving historical artifacts for various cultures for critical study and enjoyment.

Poetry Reader

Vidya Mohanraj

Vidya Mohanraj is currently pursuing her BS in Accounting at UT Dallas and is active in the Arts and Humanities community through her involvement in literary magazines. She has been a part of Reunion's Editorial Staff since 2015 and strives to continue her relationship with literature and art history well past the completion of her Master's at UT Dallas.

Poetry Reader

Giovanni Rojas

Giovanni is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is pursuing his MA in Humanities, concentrating on Literary Studies. He also has a background in Historical Studies and Education. His research interests include early American history and early modern English literature, namely the poetry of John Donne.

Creative Non-Fiction Reader & Administrative Manager

Natalie Heath

Natalie is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas. Though currently undecided, she hopes to find a field in which she can combine her appreciation for both science and literature. During her study breaks, Natalie can be found winding down with mind-numbing TV shows like The Office, or exercising her mind by re-reading some of her all-time favorites: Junot Diaz, Raymond Carver, and Donna Tartt. This is her second edition working with the Dallas Reunion.

Drama Reader

Ken Armentrout

Ken is a current Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Dallas. His research interests center upon French Existential philosophy and literature. He has completed graduate studies at John's Hopkins, Fordham, Southern Methodist, and Boston University. His poetry appears in Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies.

Translation Reader

Jonathan Becker

Jonathan Becker recently earned his MA in Humanities from UT Dallas, with a translation of the contemporary German author Marcel Beyer. He continues to work at the Center for Translation Studies at UTD, where he has been a research assistant since 2015.

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