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REUNIONThe Dallas Review

Reunion Volume 1

Table of Contents


Jenn Blair
Time Again

Christa Mastrangelo
Dreaming Red
Cellular Memory

Bradley R. Strahan
Did We Ever Live at All?

Anna Elkins
How to Live Here

Dale Dewoody
Road Debris

Mark Brazaitis
The Pulitzer

Jessica D. Hand
Janitor Jane
Pain Jane

Tom O'Connor
Approach March

Mike Berger

Mark Bowers
The Persimmon Tree


Visual Art

Luis Nieto Dickens
Au Installation 1, 2010
Au Installation 2, 2010
Au Installation 3, 2010

Delaney Allen
"Untitled #10," 2010
"Untitled #3," 2010
"Untitled #5," 2010
"Untitled #13," 2010

Logan Caldbeck
Workbench, 2009
Coyote, 2009
Freezer, 2009
Salt Bed, 2009

Jennifer Kahn
Slick, 2009
Mess, 2010
Pack of Grey Standing Wolf, 2010
Pack of Grey Standing Wolf (Detail), 2010


Nathan Holic
Oil Stains in the Driveway

Merritt Tierce
The Dangler

Natalie Nixon
Stained Glass



Sarah C. Vitali
Two-score and Four of the Blithest Birds

Regina Galasso (with Alicia Borinsky)
Six Poems

G.J. Racz
Six Poems

Michele Rosen



Diane D. McGurren
Creativng Out Loud: An Interview with 2010 Texas Poet Laureate Karla K. Morton


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Reunion Issue 1 Staff

Mickey Calderone
Jill Foltz

Assistant Editor
Diane McGurren

Layout Editor
Lauren Dixon

Nonfiction Editor
Barbara Vance

Poetry Editor
Donovan Hufnagle

Art Editor
Leigh Arnold

Translation Editor
George Henson

Drama Editor
Jon Hart

Fiction Editor
Adam Cheney

Editor at Large
Jon Hart

April Collie

Danielle Georgiou

Selection Committee and Translation Assistance
Mark Jenkins
LaToya Watkins
Kinsey Cline
Kent Quaney
Lora Burnett
Maggie Wurzer
Adam Cheney
Vicotoria Vercammen Mukhar
Devyn Gaudet
Caroline Stefko
Cynthia Miller
Gregory E. Washburn

Christie Wright

Matt Bondurant

Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
Dr. Dennis Kratz

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