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REUNIONThe Dallas Review

Reunion Volume 2

Table of Contents


Seth Brady Tucker
How Plastic Feels About the Sun
Curtain Calls
Old Girlfriends Never Die

Martin Ott
Ring Finder

José Luis Gutiérrez
Dark Dreamer

Jeanine Deibel
Moving On

Joanna Grisham
The River

Luke Vargas
The Boy Cannot Tell if She is Dead

Lee Upton
Roman Triumphal Arch
Hunger Song
Gertrude at the Mini Bar

Elizabeth Harmon Threatt
The Brief Story of Our Life Together
Yellow Jackets

Sean Lotman
A Good Freestyle
The Coming Child
Lost and Found

Lynnel Jones

Ruth Goring

Rafael Miguel Montes

Carl Palmer
Trouble Afoot


Visual Art

Claudia Borgna
4 Sculptures

Carli Baylor
Black and White Print

Ivan Monbrison
4 Ink and Acrylic Prints

Emily Loving
3 Prints

Alison Ward
Performance Art

Eleanor Bennett
2 Black and White Prints

Leonard Kogan
3 Oil on Canvas

Heyd Fontenot
Oil and Graphite on Wood Panel
Oil and Graphite on Paper

Collen Purcell
3 Black and White Prints

Reinhold Engberding
2 Sculptures

Adam Wallacavage
4 Sculptures


Melanie Sweeney
Draw the Foul

Jenny Ortiz
The High Road

James P. Hanley
Loss of Routine

Eleanor Swanson
The Hypnotist

E.G. Silverman

Cynthia Lindstrom
At the School for the Blind



Marylee MacDonald

Eric Day
Grandpa Gone Wild



Maria Bennett and Bill Wolak
3 poems by Annelisa Addolorato

Michael Ritterson 
4 poems by Utz Rachowski

P.K. Brask, Patrick Friesen, Heather Spears and Martin Artken
5 poems by Niels Hav

Rebecca Kosick
3 poems by Fanny Rubio

Karen McPherson
Poem by Louise Warren

J. Kates
Poem by Jean-Pierre Rosnay

Patricia Dubrava
Fiction by Mónica Lavin



Katherine Jamieson
Love Means Press Return



Gjekë Marinaj
Interview with Shin Yu Pai

Sandi Edgar
Interview with Adam Wallacavage


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Reunion Issue 2 Staff

Editor in Chief   
Donovan Hufnagle

Assistant Editor
Chaz Lilly

Layout Editor
Chelsea Clark

Nonfiction Editor
April Collie

Poetry Editor
Mark Allen Jenkins

Art Editor
Sandi Edgar

Translation Editor
George Henson

Drama Editor
Jon Hart

Fiction Editor
Adam Cheney

Editors at Large
Mickey Calderone
Jill Foltz
Diane Mcgurren

Susan Norman

Selection Committee
Allene Nicols
LeeAnn Derden
Amanda Preston

Christie Wright

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