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Reunion Volume 3

Table of Contents


Rebecca Morgan Frank
How to Build a Rocket
Bird’s Eye

Kara Dorris
Is empty & not empty & almost enough

Jeffrey C. Alfier
Black Hawk Crash, Tal Afar, Iraq, 2006

David Breeden
Elegy for Kevin Joe Eldridge

Stephen Page
The King of Clear

Matthew J. Spireng
Madison Buffalo Jump, September

Liz Robbins
Can You Hear Me?

Jonathan Greenhause
New Song

John Hogan
Autumn Occasional

Marissa Schwalm
Things I Don’t Tell My Mother

Danny Earl Simmons
Dead Flies

Alan Hill
The Night Shopper

John Tustin
Scarcely Room for Me


Visual Art

About the Cover: Shannon Novak

Gunnel Wåhlstrand

Regine Ramseier

Sara-Vide Ericson

Sara Pedigo

Bill Haveron

Jeff Gibbons

Jeff Parrott

Nicholas Grider

Tim Brown



Anthony M. Abboreno
People Go Swimming Anyway

Maryse Meijer
Shop Lady

Dan Moreau
The Model

André Narbonne
The White Dog

J. Albin Larson
The Meteor Farmer



Daniel Tyx
Vaquero Days

Moira Muldoon

Owen James
Point to the Ceiling, Touch your Nose, Say My Name



Toshiya Kamei
City by Sara Uribe

Scott Hightower
Four poems by Natalia Carbajos

Krystyna A. Steiger
Ai Weiwei’s Owls by Margarita Meklina



Dan Sklar



Sarah da Rocha Valente
Process of Creation, History, and Location:
an Interview with Campbell McGrath

Andrew McConnell
Catching up with Ben Fountain


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Reunion Issue 3 Staff

Chaz Lilly

Managing Editor
Sarah da Rocha Valente

Assistant Editor
Mark Allen Jenkins

Assistant to the Assistant Editor
Angela Kaiser

Layout Editor
Michelle Long

Nonfiction Editor
Rebecca Sader

Assistant Nonfiction Editor
Mary Catherine Mueller

Poetry Editor
Allene Nichols

Assistant Poetry Editor
Amanda Preston


Art Editor
Sandi Edgar

Assistant Art Editor
Robyn Myrick

Translation Editor
George Henson

Assistant Translation Editor
Angela Kaiser

Drama Editor
Sean Sutherlin

Assistant Drama Editor
Lance Lusk


Fiction Editor
Susan Norman

Assistant Fiction Editors
Caitlin Beauchamp
Andrew McConnell

Editors at Large
Donovan Hufnagle
Mickey Calderone
Jill Foltz

Charles Vincent

Matt Bondurant

Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
Dr. Dennis Kratz

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