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Reunion Volume 4

Table of Contents


Martin Ott & John F. Buckley
Commercials of the Apocalypse

Susan Elliott Brown
Ode to Chest Hair

Brett Foster
The Visitation

Pat Farewell
Troublesome Words: Imply/Infer

T.A. Noonan
from The Midway Iterations

Christie Collins
September 28, 2010

Nina Bennett

Erin Elizabeth Smith
Things I Know By Looking at Them
Dreams While You’re Away

Jim Davis
After the Charity Auction

C. Wade Bentley

Christina Rothenbeck
It is in the hope of being useful that the following instructions are offered


Visual Art

Liz West

Hillary Holsonback

Ryuta Iida

Jonathan Cross

Laura Lark

Camilo Restrepo

Anders Moseholm

Tuba Öztekin Köymen

David Morris

Penique productions

David Anthony Harman



Jane McDermott
American Wild Life

Jason Francis O’Keane

Tim Gorham
Steady Hands

John Abbott
The Noise

Richard Bentley
Bobby Bear Ruins a Picnic

Marion de Booy Wentzien
What It Feels Like To Drown

Allegra Hyde

Gabrielle Hovendon
Invisible Architectures



Jackie Mercurio

Jon Shifrin
A Model Upbringing



Carlos Nejar
Cantata Of Discoveries

Eduardo Chirinos
From 35 Zoology Lessons

Benny Andersen
The Rebellious Skeleton

Lêdo Ivo
The Weathervane

Francesca Pellegrino
ToLove is Just an Adjective

Maxim Amelin
Teach Me To Beseech You
In August the Stars Shoot through the Night Air
The Hulking Carcass of a Dead Orca
I Wish I Owned My Own Home

Hilde Domin
A Blue Day
Easter Wind
Escape from Here

Haji Khavari
Hamlet as Anti-Poet
Garden Graffiti

Mónica Lavín
More Than Enough
Three Poems from the Diwan of al-Iman al-Shafi’i

Emanuil Vidinski
Shortly after the rain
I’m sending you a final post card



Evan Guildford-Blake



Mark Allen Jenkins
Skating, Fiction, and Green Babies: An Interview with Tessa Mellas


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Drama Editor
M. Lance Lusk

Fiction Editor
Adam Cheney

Nonfiction Editor
Rebecca Sader

Assistant Nonfiction Editor
Heather Sorensen

Poetry Editor
Shao Wei

Translation Editor
Rebecca Thompson

Editors at Large
Mickey Calderone, Jill Foltz, Donovan Hufnagle, Chaz Lilly

LeeAnn Dryden, Rachel Ellis, Laura Goldstein, Angela Parker Kaiser, Julie Kirchem, Violet Lopez, Sanderia Smith, Kevin Wells

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