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Reunion Volume 5

Table of Contents


Daniel Lassell
If You Are Here

Rachel Jamison Webster

Ha Kiet Chau

Sarah Ghoshal
The Bathroom at the Stone Pony

Brett Bourbon
from Color Boy Against the Gods

At the End of January
The Colors of Personality
In the Day’s Marches
Right and Rank

Skye Shirley

Catharine Lucas
Wild Iris

Will Harris
After Sappho Fragment 22
After Sappho Fragment 38
After Sappho Fragment 130

George Drew
A Perfectly Innocuous Dream

Nabin Chhetri
When I Go to Nepal

Joseph Reich
Life & Death in 7 Stanzas

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro
If Your Grandfather Was at This Yankee Game

Matt Carmichael
There Are Things I Can’t Wait to Tell You

Lucia LoTempio
Parts of Her Day My Mother Forgets

Anna Lowe Weber
To My Husband, Now an Atheist but Once an Evangelical Christian
When you ask to hear the story of your birth

Fred Dale
Empty Coffin

Diane Giardi
Through the Silence


Visual Art

Gui Gomes

Dmitry Borshch

Frank Krevens

Alana Tyson

Adriano Ponte

Yesica Moran

Matthew Ladin

Alessandra Olivieri



Ruben Rodriguez
The Junk Keeper’s Daughter

Zak Block
A Dobbin’s Woe

J. L. Torres
On the Virtual Failings of Love

Frank Scozzari

Kami Westhoff
The Criteria

Emily Mani
The Good Fight



Liz Blocker
Buying Blue

Diane DeCillis
In the Bathroom with Barbara Walters



Isabel Palomo Merino
The Language of Mathematics by Antonio Castellote

Emily McBride
by Jordi Virallonga

Mimesis of the Architect
Sometimes What I Tell You Comes True
Let’s Say That It All Went Wrong

Noh Anothai
Celebrations and Silence at the Buddha’s Footprint by Sunthorn Phu

Domenic Scopa
Diatribe Against the Dead by Ángel Gonzáles
Savoir Faire by Claribel Alegría

Shabnam Nadiya
Excerpt from The Peacock Throne by Shaheen Akhtar

Laureta Petoshati
by Alisa Velaj

You are everywhere you shouldn’t be
The visions of a storm petrel



C. Gregory Thompson
Deer Head



L.E. Goldstein
An Interview with Martha Collins


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Managing Editor
L.E. Goldstein

Poetry Editor
Rachel Renea

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L.E. Goldstein
Eboni Udenze
Grace McClure

Fiction Editor
Violet Gutierrez

Fiction Reader
Kevin Wells

Non-Fiction Editor
Heather Sorensen

Non-Fiction Readers
Mary Catherine Mueller
Anjanette Shake

Translation Editor
Angela Parker Kaiser

Translation Reader
Rebecca Thompson

Visual Arts Editor
Elizabeth Ranieri

Drama Editor
L.E. Grabowski-Cotton

Drama Reader
Adam Cheney
Grace McClure

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Mickey Calderone
Jill Foltz
Donovan Hufnagle
Chaz Lilly
Mark Allen Jenkins

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Michelle Long

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Dr. Matthew Bondurant
Dr. Clay Reynolds

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Dr. Dennis M. Kratz

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