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Reunion Volume 6

Table of Contents


Translating Paul Celan's "Death Fugue"

Zsuzsanna Ozsváth
Khaleel Almaliki
Frank Dufour
Magdalena G. Grohman
Rebecca L. Thompson



Jill Boyles

Patricia Canright Smith
Right Now Within Ten Feet



Joseph Ellison Brockway
Surrealism Lives in Fur-Lined Ghettos: An Interview with Sophie Essex



Stephanie Wortman
The Judge



Andrena Zawinski
Letters for Strangers

Diane DeCillis
Fata Morgana: Imagined Love for the Child I'll Never Have

Florence Weinberger
Why I Talk This Way

John M. Davis
Finding Our Way
The Star Counter

Judith Grissmer
Snapshot of a Young Mother

Lisa Suhair Majaj

Michael Collins

Michael Hettich
Why We Sing

Saba Husain
The Resettlement

Sandra Kohler

Sandra S. McRae
Leap of Faith

Susan DeFreitas

Tom C. Hunley
Here Lies Tom C. Hunley / who didn't read the warning labels


Andy Fogle and Walid Abdallah
By Farouk Goweda

Strangers' Cross

Elaine Wong
White Deer: Four Columns By Chen Li

Eman Bahjat, Khaleel Almaliki, Rawad Alhashmi, Amal Shafek
رقصة الموت By Paul Celan

Frank Dufour, Heather Almanza, Ariel Comstock, Yvan Tina
Fugue de Mort By Paul Celan

G. J. Racz
By Marta López Luaces

The Eternal Forests of Time
The Exile's Song

Jesse Lee Kercheval and Catherine Jagoe
Comings and Goings By Laura Cesarco Eglin

Julia Older
By Salvatore Quasimodo

Island of Ulysses
Polyphemus Still Weeps Here

Magdalena G. Grohman and Wiesław Krawcewicz
Fuga Śmierci By Paul Celan

Marko Miletich
Warfare By Linda Morales Caballero

Michael Goldman
The Horse on the Beach By Knud Sønderby

Scott Swartsfager, Rebecca L. Thompson, David Patterson
Смертьфуга By Paul Celan

Zsuzsanna Ozsváth and Fred Turner
Death Fugue By Paul Celan



Melisa "Misha" Cahnmann-Taylor
Imperfect Tense: An Ethnodrama of American Adults Learning Spanish in Mexico


Visual Art

Azra Riaz

Gabriel Dawe

James Gilbreath

Sara Nicomedi

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