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Reunion Volume 7

Table of Contents


Allie Marini
The Cartography of Skin

Fred Arroyo
Blue in Green



Jessica Barksdale
Spain, 1933

Matthew Roberson
In the Heartland: A Blueprint



Chelsea Kaye Barnard
A Conversation with Nathan Brown



Bhargavi Bhaskar
The Funeral

C. Wade Bentley
The Fourth Dimension

Elena Botts
the spirit realm

Paul Freidinger
Dreaming Myself Leaner

James B. Nicola
The Van

Jonathan Katz
Box Jelly
The Object of My Affection

Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

Michael Welch
The Bagman

Olga Pavlinova Olenich
Child soldier
A long way from home

stephanie roberts
A Firefly Turns on the Evening's First Light

Viv Eliot
The Juniper Tree


Fabio Morábito
By Sarah Pollack

The Next Stop

Jasim Mohamed
By Melissa Bowers

An eggplant stew brings us closer
Like Ruth

Marina Tsvetaeva
By Mary Jane White

The consecration
I bow, with my regards, to the Russian rye,
Having bargained for a stirrup
Dis—tance: versts, miles

Nadía Villafuerte
By Pennell Somsen

The Woman Who Sang

Philippe Forest
By Armine Kotin Mortimer

A Perfect Story


Visual Art

Christopher Woods

Fabrice Poussin

Oliver Plassmann

Vadis Turner

Van G. Garrett

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Reunion Issue 7 Staff

Chelsea Kaye Barnard

Assistant Editor
Jennifer Crumley

Managing Editor
Renea McKenzie

Drama Editor
L.E. Grabowski-Cotton

Drama Reader
Esther Howard

Fiction Editor
Brian DiNuzzo

Fiction Readers
Bradley Carter
Bryan Gillin
Amy Stavola

Creative Non-Fiction Editor
Kevin Wells

Creative Non-Fiction Readers
Bryan Gillin
Esther Howard

Poetry Editor
Shabnum Iftikhar

Poetry Readers
Kenady Toombs
Vidya Mohanraj

Translation Editor
Hyojin Koh

Translation Reader
Jonathan Becker

Visual Arts Editor
Amy Stavola

Visual Arts Reviewer
Kenady Toombs

Editors at Large
Chaz Lilly
Mark Allen Jenkins
Sarah da Rocha Valente

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Clay Reynolds

Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Dennis Kratz

Layout Designer
Taylor Guest

Social Media Specialist
Tyler Cochran

Undergraduate Intern
Natalie Heath

Brandon B. Brown

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