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Reunion Volume 8

Table of Contents


Alison Wittenberg
In Search of Happily-Ever-After

Christopher Linforth



Marlene Olin
Heaven and Hell on Earth

Michael LeBlanc
Local Man, 73, Killed In Tragic Bus Accident

Roxanne Lynn Doty
Leaving Tehran



Marc Blickley
Meconium Aspirations



Alejandro Lemus-Gomez
The Metaphysics of Lumber

Bessie Banks

Cal Freeman

Dan Pinkerton
The Petrified Time

Jeffrey Alfier
The View from Mostowa Street

Katarina Boudreaux
Hip Boots

Katherine Hoerth
Bitter Coffee

Marisa Adame
benefactor’s cleansing

Peter Hoheisel
An Old Lady Hunting Treasure

Sandra Marchetti


Francesca Gargallo
By Cecilia Weddell

Bosnia, Congo, Ciudad Juárez
The Breath I Drink
It Could Be That You Return To Me
Seven Thirty in the Morning

Iacyr Anderson Freitas
By Desirée Jung

Triad of Betrayed

Maurizio Castè
By Toti O’Brien

Daring Platypus
The Serenity Of The Unicorn
Hidden Tenderness

Rachael Boast
By Myriam Legault-Beauregard

Cocteau Twins
Page perdue
Marée du printemps

Salaiman Juhni
By Ali Kadhim and Christopher George

A Letter to My Love
A Sad Old Song
A Word Bent Like a Horseshoe
The Myth of Reality


Visual Art

Ana Jovanovska

Brian D. Cohen

Buku Sarkar

Christopher Woods

Fionán O’Connell

Kay Merkel Boruff

Shayla Summers

Sofia Conde


2018 Contest Winners

Graduate Prize in Fiction
Daniel Christmann

Upon Waking

Brian DiNuzzo


Undergraduate Prize in Fiction
Molly Harras


Undergraduate Prize in Poetry
Ashley Huang

West Texas Pit Stop Beforehand
Death in a Million Words or Less

Dashaun Washington


Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Timea Goldberg


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Reunion Issue 8 Staff

Chelsea Kaye Barnard

Assistant Editor
Jennifer Crumley

Managing Editor
Kenady Toombs

Drama Editor
Alana King

Drama Reader
Ken Armentrout

Fiction Editor
Brian DiNuzzo

Fiction Readers
Bradley Carter
Dan Christmann
Nina Cook
Hannah Popal

Creative Non-Fiction Editor
Esther Howard

Creative Non-Fiction Reader
Natalie Heath

Poetry Editor
Bryan Gillan

Poetry Readers
Diana Miller
Vidya Mohanraj
Giovanni Rojas

Translation Editor
Lizbette Ocasio-Russe

Translation Reader
Jonathan Becker
Alana King

Visual Arts Editor
Chelsea Kaye Bernard

Visual Arts Reviewer
Dan Christmann

Editors at Large
Chaz Lilly
Mark Allen Jenkins
Sarah da Rocha Valente

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Clay Reynolds

Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Dennis M. Kratz

Layout Designer
Taylor Guest

Social Media Manager
Hannah Popal

Undergraduate Intern
Natalie Heath

Brandon B. Brown

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