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Literary Issue Exchange Program

The Literary Issue Exchange Program (LitXPro), instituted in the fall 2013, seeks to arrange exchanges of issues between Reunion and other participating literary journals in the U.S. and Canada. The journals received form the literary journal library, a resource for creative writing students at UT Dallas.

Participating LitXPro Journals:

The Massachusetts Review
Mid-American Review
The Iowa Review
Nimrod International Journal
New Plains Review
The Florida Review
Mississippi Review
Ninth Letter
The Literary Review
Santa Monica Review
Paper Darts 
The Finger
New Ohio Review
Passages North
Rio Grande Review
Rathalla Review
North American Review
High Grade
Barely South Review
St. Petersburg Review
The Allegheny Review
Salt Hill
Ponder Review
Oyez Review
The Lascaux Prize
Santa Clara Review
American Poets
New Orleans Review
Black Fox Literary Magazine
Prairie Schooner
eleven eleven
Evansville Review
Fairy Tale Review
Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts
Jabberwock Review
Mom Egg Review
Nashville Review
/ Vanderbilt University
OPOSSUM Magazine
Spectrum Literary Journal
Sycamore Review
/ Purdue University MFA
University of Virginia / Meridan
The Pinch Journal

If you are interested in participating in the LitXPro, please contact us at ([email protected]).


New York Queens Row
By Lindsey Morrison Grant

New York Queens Row by Lindsey Morrison Grant

New York Queens Row

By Lindsey Morrison Grant

A self-identifying “Creative,” Lindsey Grant is an award-winning poet, screenwriter, journalist, photographer and mixed-media artist from Portland, Oregon. She’s an ordained minister and State Certified Peer Support Specialist who obtained her Social Work degree from Concordia University-Portland. While doing so, she was admitted for psychiatric hospitalizations twice a year, but defied stereotypes and self-doubt, graduating with honors. Twenty years after her initial diagnosis, she attributes her current stability to her invaluable support network, personal accountability, mindfulness practice... and naturally, creative expression through words, sounds, and images.


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