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Alana King

After earning a B.A. in English from Texas State University and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Memphis, Alana King is currently working on a Ph.D. in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her creative work and reviews have been or will be published in Quaint Magazine, Necessary Fiction, and more. You can find her online at alanacking.com.

Assistant Editor

Alex Balasa

Alex Balasa is a writer, editor, PhD student, and TA at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her greatest achievement is playing Magic: The Gathering with Brandon Sanderson one time. Although she ponders existentialism, adores owls, and collects rocks, she promises she is not a cliché. After all, she does not own any cats. Alex is a little obsessed with deconstructing binaries, though she rants about Derrida more than she actually reads his work. Her writing has appeared in magazines such as PodCastle, Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, and Deep Magic. You can follow her on Twitter @BalasaAl.

Creative Non-Fiction Editor

Adam Michael Wright

Adam Michael Wright is a native of Stillwater, Oklahoma. At Oklahoma State University he triple majored in journalism, history, and English before going on to earn two master’s degrees—one in film production and one in creative writing. He’s taught screenwriting, literature, composition/rhetoric, and comparative religion at various colleges across Oklahoma and Texas. In August 2017, he began pursuing a humanities PhD at the University of Texas at Dallas. He’s published poems in Rattle, The Timberline Review, and North Texas Review. So far, Adam Michael's films are about snakes, puppets, ghosts, funerals, and circuses.

Fiction Editor

Kriss Kirk

Kriss Kirk is a PhD student in the Arts and Humanities department at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she works as a rhetoric instructor and the fiction editor for Reunion: The Dallas Review. She holds bachelor’s degrees in sociology and English from Middle Tennessee State University and a master’s degree in literature with a focus on creative writing from Belmont University. Exploring the interplay between sociology and English is a central passion, as she seeks to integrate the popular with the academic. Her current work aims to demonstrate how popular culture, particularly rap and hip hop culture, can increase student attentiveness in the writing classroom.

Poetry Editor

Vidya Mohanraj

Vidya Mohanraj is currently pursuing her graduate studies in Accounting at UT Dallas and is active in the Arts and Humanities community through her involvement in literary magazines and publications. She has been a part of Reunion's Editorial Staff since 2015 and strives to continue her relationship with literature and art history well past the completion of her Master's at UT Dallas.

Translation Editor

So Young Koo

So Young Koo is seeking her M.A. in literary studies. She speaks 2.5 languages. She loves Harry Potter, and she firmly believes she is a Ravenclaw.

Visual Arts Editor

Esther Howard

Esther Howard is a current PhD student at The University of Texas at Dallas. Her undergraduate studies led her to a BA in Literary studies, followed by a Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies: all earned at the UT Dallas campus. Professionally trained as a teacher, Esther currently works as a Rhetoric Instructor for the university. Though early in her doctoral studies, Esther is passionate about discourse centered around topics such as: feminist theory, Victorian studies, philosophy, and 17th-19th century history. Esther is also the historian for the Graduate Student Association Senate and the Non-Fiction Editor for Reunion: The Dallas Review. When not teaching or studying, Esther can be found reading, binge-watching Netflix, watching anime, spending time with her fiancée/family/friends, and sleeping.

Poetry Reader

Blake Bathman

Blake Bathman is currently pursuing his BA in Literary Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is very passionate about poetry and literature (both writing and studying), and the furtherment of all artistic endeavors in the Dallas community. This is his first year as a poetry reader for the Reunion, and he is extremely excited to contribute to the future of the journal.

Fiction Reader

April Boyd

April is an aspiring author and Political Science major at the University of Texas at Dallas. As a fiction reader and social media specialist for Reunion, she is able to combine her love for stories with her passion for community involvement. When she is not in class or spending time with friends, she can usually be found shelving books or studying in the library. April is a pop culture enthusiast and loves all things related to Harry Potter, young adult literature, alternative music, and cult television.

Drama Reader
and Poetry Reader

Sarah Chan

Sarah Chan is a third-year UTD student, currently pursuing a BS in Accounting. Her works can be found in publications such as Rambutan Literary and Polyphony Lit, and she always has an eye out for an interesting and unusual turn of phrase.

Fiction Reader

Alisha Chunara

Alisha Chunara is currently pursuing a Visual and Performing Arts major (concentration: film). If not attending classes, she is probably either reading historical fiction novels, watching movie trailers or clips from late-night/comedy shows on YouTube, or binge-watching her favorite movies and series (like One Day at a Time, Sacred Games, or the Indiana Jones movies) on Netflix.

Creative Non-Fiction Reader

Natalie Heath

Natalie is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. During her study breaks, Natalie can be found winding down with mind-numbing TV shows like The Office, or exercising her mind by re-reading some of her all-time favorites: Hanya, Yanagihara, Raymond Carver, and Donna Tartt. This is her third edition working with the Dallas Reunion.

Fiction Reader
and Visual Arts Reader

Danika Hollis

Danika Hollis is pursuing both Literary Studies and Visual & Performing Arts undergraduate degrees from The University of Texas at Dallas. In addition to serving as an editor for Reunion, she is also the Communications Officer for UTD’s newly formed chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, an English Honors Society. Prior to settling in the Dallas area, she lived in Antarctica for almost a year and has been lucky to experience a few of the world’s similarly less traveled paths.

Translation Reader

Marsela Lopez

Marsela Lopez received her BA from Texas Woman's University in English with a minor in Spanish. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming from the Universidad de Medellín in Colombia. Marsela is currently a second-year MA student at the University of Texas at Dallas in the Humanities, Latin American Studies with a focus on Literature and in addition to her studies, she is the Research Assistant of the Center for U.S.-Latin American Initiatives on campus.

Drama Reader
Poetry Reader

Patricia Mathu

As an undergraduate history major with an interest in archaeology, Patricia Mathu loves to explore the stories we tell ourselves and how we tell them. She finds stories everywhere: in books (of course), in classes, in landscapes, in friends. She tells stories to her diary, to readers of UTD's Mercury, and to anyone else who will listen. In her free time, she likes to help others find stories by volunteering at the Richardson Public Library. Raised in Wisconsin and living in Texas, her favorites involve the intersection of identity, geography, and community.

Poetry Reader

Diana Miller

Diana Miller is a third-year PhD student and has served as a Graduate Senator for the Humanities department at UT Dallas. She has previously served as a Poetry Reader for Reunion: The Dallas Review. She is also a Professor for DCCCD in Fine Arts Appreciation instruction. Diana has presented at conferences and symposium at SMU Dallas, CUNY School of Journalism and Media Studies in New York, and Dallas University in Irving. She has had poetry published in the Pony Expressions  Graduate Journal at SMU. Diana hopes to help make a difference in creating innovative education for Humanities and preserving historical artifacts for various cultures for critical study and enjoyment.

Creative Non-Fiction Reader

Johnny Nguyen

Johnny Nguyen is a second-year undergraduate student studying marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas. He previously did work in journalism and graphic design but is now turning his focus to literary publishing and e-marketing. He works on the creative team for a student marketing group on campus, and he has an interest in late twentieth-century gay literature and art.

Translation Reader

Annie Tran

While she is in the process of completing her BA in Literary Studies and minoring in Creative Writing, Annie Tran loves the French language, and is able to read it more than she can speak it. Her favorite author is Eoin Colfer, and her favorite books are the Artemis Fowl series. As both an aspiring fiction author and fan fiction writer, she is attempting to write through the lenses of her characters. She tends to write characters in a futuristic and/or fantastical world. Her love for J-pop beats all other music she has listened to, especially when it comes to Johnny & Associates and Johnny’s Jr groups.

Poetry Reader

Eniola Cole

Trapped in a spinning mind, Eniola Cole is a content reviewer and writer with a passion for thought provoking writing, storytelling and poetry. After earning her B.A in Education and English from University of Lagos, she is currently in the M.A. program of Visual and Performing Arts at UT Dallas. She is working as a media manager for Lunaris Review and has served as editor for The Winlos. Eniola is also interested in film, art design and style. Meet her lurking on her blog or social spaces where her creative energies are explored.

Fiction Reader

Sreeja Murakonda

Sreeja Murakonda is majoring in Information Technology and Systems at the University of Texas at Dallas. Whenever she's not writing or reading, she's dreaming about being a great writer. Her dream is to live in Chicago with a fat cat, a shelf full of her books, and a Halal restaurant right around the corner while philosophizing about what it really means to be human.

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