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We look forward to reading your work. To keep our readers and editors happy, please read and follow general and genre guidelines.

As editors and readers, we subscribe to Ezra Pound's philosophy on art.

With each submission, we ask ourselves the following:

  1. Is this person a serious artist?
  2. Does the work present what the artist intended it to present, effectively?
  3. Does [the work] comply with the laws inherent in itself?
  4. Does the manner fit close to the matter?
(Source: from "Patria Mia." Selected Prose 1909-1965. New York: New Directions, 1973. p. 114.)

General Formatting Guidelines:

Submission Guidelines by Genre:

Submissions that do not adhere to our guidelines may not be considered for publication. Please expect to hear a response from us sometime between February and March. Payment upon publication is 1 contributor copy of the journal. For an idea of what types of material we generally publish, we recommend purchasing and reading our past issues.

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