Jonsson Performance Hall

The Jonsson Performance Hall is located to the right of the University Theatre as you face the Jonsson building. It is a 196-seat hall (see the seating chart) with a concert ensemble stage that is 40 feet wide by 10 feet deep. Although there is no wing space for storage, there is a small adjacent room for temporary storage of case and personal items.

An 8' Steinway grand piano is located in this space and may be used for classes and performance only.

The Performance Hall has a rudimentary lighting system that allows for limited dimming control on the stage and on audience seating areas only. Front projection capabilities and minimal sound support are possible from the booth located on the front wall of the hall. 

UT Dallas organizations may reserve this space at no cost through the School of Arts & Humanities.

If you would like to rent this hall, please visit our rental policy page.

Please click here to view the seating chart.