A&H Academic Advising

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Advising is an integral part of the university experience. Your advisor will assist you in developing a meaningful educational plan compatible with your career and personal goals. Advisors will help to design an appropriate course of study that will satisfy your requirements for graduation as well as offer information on particular courses and University rules and procedures.

UTD Advising Mission Statement: University of Texas at Dallas undergraduate academic advising is a collaborative process between students and their advisors that provides a path for student success. Academic advising supports student achievement of academic and professional goals, promotes student academic ownership, and fosters a sense of belonging to the campus community.

Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Advisors
Name Email Phone Advising for Office
Sydney Taylor [email protected] 972-883-2759 Undergraduates last names A-Mc JO 4.508
Megan Gray Hering [email protected]utdallas.edu 972-883-2980 Undergraduates last names Me-Z JO 4.508

Arts and Humanities Graduate Advisors
Name Email Phone Advisor for Office
Pia Jakobsson [email protected] 972-883-4706 MA in History, MA in Humanities, MAT in Humanities, PhD in Humanities and MA in Latin American Studies Graduate Students JO 4.128
Paul Galvez [email protected] 972-883-7582 MA in Art History Graduate Students ATC 2.800

Make an Advising Appointment

Prospective Students

Advisors are a great source of information regarding A&H and our majors. Our advisors participate in many recruiting events for prospective undergraduate students. Prospective students should highly consider attending one of these events to learn more about our programs as well as the UT Dallas campus and admissions process. Many of these events allow students to be waived of their admissions fees.

Advisors are available to meet one-on-one with prospective students. Please complete the online form to make an appointment. Please note that our advisors' availability may be limited during registration periods. UT Dallas also offers pre-admissions counseling through the Office of Admissions.

Current Students

Our advisors in the School of Arts and Humanities assist students in reaching their ultimate goal of graduation. They meet with students to discuss degree requirements, course enrollment, student success skills, difficulties with coursework, career options and personal problems. Our advisors are experts in helping students find the resources they need to be successful and are passionate about doing all that they can to help students.

Our advisors are committed to helping you have an efficient, productive meeting. When you schedule a meeting, please make sure you have thought through exactly what you would like to accomplish during the meeting. Our new online form for making an appointment will help our advisors prepare for you.

*Students: While advisors confer with you about courses and educational experiences, you are responsible for defining your academic program and for making progress toward your degree. You will verify your class schedule each semester and see that necessary transactions are completed by the published deadlines. You are also responsible for all documentation related to schedule changes, dropping or withdrawing from classes, and other transactions.

Parents and Families

While students bear the primary responsibility for their education and academic career at UT Dallas, parents still have an important role to play. The Comet Families website is a useful tool to help parents support their students and be involved at the University. Also, the Student Counseling Center offers resources to help students; and parents may recieve consultation regarding questions or concerns about their student from this center as well.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects a student's privacy. Should a parent wish to attend an advising appointment with their student, the parent and student will need to complete the release paperwork.