Internship Policy

A&H Internship Course information – ISAH 4V50
For all A&H majors

ISAH 4V50 Internship (1-3 semester hours) Students undertake a new learning experience at a supervised work situation related to their academic interests. An internship provides exposure to a professional working environment, application of theory to working realities, and an opportunity to test skills and clarify goals. Course requirements include formal and reflective writing. May be repeated for credit (6 hours maximum).  Limit 3 semester hours per semester.
Note that this is a CLASS. Tuition and fees associated with this course will be assessed. This course may count as an Advanced Elective or Upper Level Elective depending on the internship and degree requirements needed.
Students who are not seeking course credit for an Internship must follow the same guidelines and procedure through the Career Center.

Undergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate students must have completed 24 hours of college course work before the internship semester. At least 12 of the 24 completed hours must be at UT Dallas. ATEC & EMAC majors may have specific courses that are required within these 24 credits. Please see advisor for further information.
  • Must have at least a 2.5GPA.
  • Internship must be directly related to student’s current major and degree level.
  • Undergraduate students may earn up to 6 credit hours of Internship/Co-op credittowards graduation, 3 credit hours maximum per semester.
    • 3 credit hours =140 + work hours
    • 2 credit hours = 100 + work hours
    • 1 credit hour = 50 + work hours.
  • International (F1) students must be enrolled in at least 1 Credit Hour in each internship semester per CPT guidelines.


  1. Fulfill UTD Career Center’s steps for participation in Internship Program, including creating a UTD CareerWorks account
  2. Meet with A&H Career CenterInternship Coordinator in advance to plan for internship
  3. Submit a job description via CareerWorks – “Report an Internship” link for internship course approval (an offer letter is to be submitted for CPT approval for F1 students)
  4. The A&H Internship Coordinator will send the job description to the academic advisor for approval.
  5. Once both the A&H Career Center Internship Coordinator and the student’s academic advisor approve the job description, a student may register for the course with their academic advisor.