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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman

Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman (Ph.D. '86) is founder and director of the University of Texas at Dallas Center for BrainHealth®, which works to understand, protect and heal brain disorders and injuries. She is justifiably proud of her role in establishing the center.

"Every single day, we give hope to someone suffering from a brain disorder or injury," says Dr. Chapman, who is a major force behind the movement to make "brain physicals" a regular part of health care check-ups. "Our brain is the most important organ and its health makes everything else we attempt possible."

Dr. Chapman's mentor at UT Dallas during her doctoral studies was Dr. Hanna Ulatowska, whom Dr. Chapman describes as "a true genius, extraordinarily funny, a humanitarian with those that cross her path daily, and a real task master of keen intellectual thought. To have a class with her is to stretch to new depths of reasoning and creating novel ideas."

Dr. Chapman credits UT Dallas with influencing her to "think in new ways and to pave uncharted territory that will make a difference in lives today, not 20 or 30 years from now, as occurs in most scientific discovery."

Through her work with the center, Dr. Chapman has had some incredible professional experiences, including hosting three international symposiums on Reprogramming the Human Brain at the Center for BrainHealth. Some of the special guests for the events included Nobel laureates and the world's leading brain scientists.

While making a difference in lives today is exhilarating, Dr. Chapman also has great plans for the future. Her vision is that the UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth will become the leading institute in the world in cognitive brain discovery and brain health in the next 10 years. She plans to bring improved brain health solutions to people all around the world.

"Brain health is one of the most pressing public health issues of a global nature," Dr. Chapman says. "More can be done to build a healthy brain for the future than any other part of our body."

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