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Alumni Philanthropists... Creating the Future
There are unlimited ways for alumni to contribute to the realization of UT Dallas' vision to be one of the nation's best public research universities and one of the great universities in the world. The reasons for investing in this vision are as unique as the individual who chooses to make this investment. We are extremely grateful to all of you who invest time and resources in UTD.

To honor all of you who have recently committed to make a financial investment to UT Dallas, we are spotlighting three alumni investors and their unique reasons for leaving a legacy gift to the University.

Donors Spotlight

"UTD has given a lot to me and mine over the years. I share my Alumni status with my wife, Jan '79, and my daughter, Jessica '04. As an early veteran of campus politics, I learned as much from volunteering my time as I did in class. My early years at UTD found me providing entertainment services to my classmates in the form of Student Activities. I was bitten by the entertainment bug while still in classes, and when I left campus I opened an Entertainment Booking and Special Events company. That has been my family's livelihood for the last 30 plus years and has allowed me to book acts as diverse as Bob Hope to Sinbad and George Jones to R. Kelly.

After being asked to start our Alumni Association back when, I was struck by a couple of things. First, my volunteerism always paid me back in new contacts, ideas and connections. Most former students forget that the University is an amazing, huge and well funded resource that graduates often fail to take advantage of after they leave campus. As an alumnus of UTD, you can still take advantage of world class continuing education, job placement services and access to fabulous performing arts, speakers and forums. I encourage grads (especially from my era) to come back to UTD and see what unbelievable changes are happening on campus. I also encourage everyone to give a little of your time, I'm living proof that UTD gives back to those who do!"

- S.S. "Sparky" Sparks '77

"Completing my degree at UTD has given me a great sense of accomplishment. Though it was a struggle finding the time and money while also working full-time during my studies, I was determined. It took many years but with the reassurance of memories of my mother completing her degree while working full time and being a single mother to two young children and some financial aid during my last year, I graduated proudly (and finally!) in 2004."

Also because of my mother and her sudden death while I was still a teenager, I learned at a too-young age to be prepared by having your wishes and finances in place. So, when revising my will last year, I contacted UTD to get the necessary information so I could set up a scholarship in my mother's honor. With the money I will leave behind, I am even more proud to be able to help support an aspiring UTD graduate. This way, I and my mother will have a role in another person's future."

- Nicole Tucker '04

"In an earlier version of our will, my wife, Bobette, and I (with no children) had left the bulk of our estate to charitable organizations. Due to the fact at least one of these groups had gone out of existence, as well as other reasons; we knew we needed to revise our will.

In talking about it, I voiced the desire to do something with the money having a more long-lasting impact. We discussed hospitals, museums and the like. However, when we thought of our alma maters, it resonated with both of us.

Accordingly, after certain amounts are set aside for relatives, expenses, etc., the remainder of the estate will be divided equally between her alma mater (North Texas State) and mine (The University of Texas at Dallas).

As time passes and we become more confident of having enough assets to finish our lives, we will begin to provide gifts to both universities while we are still living."

- Larry Brasfield '77

"We established an endowed scholarship because we know first-hand how critical scholarship support can be to students. My husband received a scholarship while working on his graduate degree. I don't know how that degree would have been accomplished without the scholarship support. We are glad that we are now in a position to help other students."

- Anonymous Donor


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