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With all this recent talk about our mascot, I’ve been thinking a lot about what creates pride in a university. What do we say when we talk ab
out the nation’s best universities? What makes us proud of our alma mater?

I’ve been really proud of the response from alumni when called upon to voice our opinion about the mascot design. The inclusiveness of the decision making process is proof that our university is open to new ideas, and the fact that so many alumni responded is evidence of our continued connection.

If I had to pick the thing that I love the most about UT Dallas, I would say that it’s the opportunity to make a difference and participate in major university decisions like this one. From the time we first stepped foot on campus, as freshman, transfer students or graduate students, to our time now as alumni, we’ve had real impact on our young, growing university—and we can continue to have an impact by staying involved as alumni. 

The Alumni Relations program is young and the possibilities are endless. A new addition to the program, Catherine Gonzaga Solidon (B.S. ’02), will expand those possibilities even more. As our event planner and communications coordinator, she brings with her an expertise in event planning and a wealth of knowledge about the UT Dallas community.

I’m proud of the difference that Alumni Relations makes at UT Dallas. I’m also proud that we graduated from a school that recognizes the importance of alumni and encourages our participation. This is our university, and our involvement or indifference matters. So you tell me. What makes you proud of UT Dallas and how will you make a difference as we create the future?

Erin Dougherty, '03 and '07
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving 

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Erin Dougherty, MPA, '03 '07
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Catherine Solidon '02
Alumni Events Coordinator
Julie Rushing
Communications Coordinator
Tina Ly '10
Web Designer
Carly Price
Copy Editor
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