Thanking Our Donors
Dr. Aaron Conley
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Click on the Donor Report to read about the impact of gifts to UT Dallas, and to see the Honor Roll of donors who gave $500 or more.
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
~Oscar Wilde

This quote often comes to mind when I consider alumni giving. Colleges and Universities always wish more of their alumni gave back, but institutions themselves sometimes don't do enough to reach out and keep alumni connected to their alma mater. This is particularly true when it comes to thanking alumni who donate and explaining the impact of their support.

At UT Dallas, we recognize that even the smallest gifts are critical for the University's future. We took a big step this fall to start acknowledging this in a public way, by publishing our first Donor Report, a summary of fundraising progress. It includes stories about recent major gifts, and acknowledged every donor who made a gift during the past fiscal year. Donors who gave $500 and above are listed in this publication and those who gave less than $500 were featured on a special website with thousands of donors.

Click on the Donor Wall to see the names of all donors who gave $500 and below last year.
The feedback we've received tells us the recognition has been greatly appreciated. Alumni and friends here in North Texas have reacted favorably, and one donor from Wichita, Kansas, called just to say "thanks" for sending him some news on UT Dallas. Also, a surprising call came from a local company asking how to make of gift $1,000 so they could be included in next year's list. Their check just arrived a few days ago.

Most college graduates leave their alma mater with good feelings about their experience and the best of intentions to give back. In reality, a small percentage of them do.

I'm hopeful our Donor Report, and many new things we're doing to reach out, will help convince more UT Dallas alumni that they can begin to fulfill their grandest intentions with just a small act of kindness.
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