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August 2011        


Every year, we strive to thank the roughly 3,000 donors who generously support the University. This year, we’re rolling out something new that benefits you!

The University's new giving societies express appreciation through exclusive invitations, special recognition and unique events, including the new “Celebration of Support” on Sept. 15.

For more information and a list of current members, visit Giving Societies.


The Love Jack

Who may be eligible to be recognized? Any individual, couple or entity.

What are the qualifications for membership? Giving of $1,000 or more in the past year. Gifts designated to any school, program or unit qualify for membership.

Why Love Jack? Jim Love, an American modernist sculptor, created Jack in 1971. Mrs. Margaret McDermott donated Jack to UT Dallas in 1976. Students soon began calling it the Love Jack and the name has endured.


The Love Jack

Who is recognized? Alumni donors only.

What are the qualifications for membership? Four levels of membership exist based on the number of consecutive years of giving:
Contributors - 2 to 4 years
Associates - 5 to 9 years
Partners - 10 to 20 years
Champions - 20 years or more

Why Comet Whoosh? Some people “Hook ’em.” Some people “Gig ’em.” Comets “Whoosh!” UT Dallas began teaching the Comet “whoosh” at new student orientation in 2005 and it’s now embraced as the symbolic gesture for all students and alumni.

Who is recognized? Faculty and staff who make a gift to any UT Dallas school, center or program. This includes gifts made via the State Employee Charitable Campaign to the Academic Bridge Program or to the Callier Center for Communication Disorders.

Why the Trellis? A key feature of our campus enhancement, dedicated in fall 2010, is the massive steel trellis adjacent to the Eugene McDermott Library. The trellis, at 165 feet wide, 146 feet long and 25 feet tall, and the plaza it defines, anchor central campus and provide shade and respite to passersby.


Who is recognized? Any donor, including individuals, companies and foundations, whose cumulative lifetime giving reaches a specified level.

What are the qualifications for membership? Cumulative lifetime giving counts toward membership. Founders Society recognition is conferred when cumulative giving reaches $100,000 and UT Dallas Laureates recognition is conferred when cumulative giving reaches $1 million. Gifts counting toward these milestones include all cash gifts and the value of any gifts-in-kind, such as donated equipment or software.


Who is recognized? Any individual who commits to a planned gift. This may include a provision through a will, trust, annuity or gift of life insurance.

Why leave a legacy? Planned gifts provide donors with the satisfaction of knowing their support will make a difference even after they are gone. These gifts also give UT Dallas the opportunity to plan for future growth, knowing these philanthropic commitments will be realized in the years to come.

Office of Development and Alumni Relations
For more information, contact us through our staff website.

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