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August 2011        

Alumni Spotlight

Michelle Miller MS'05

While Michelle Miller MS’05 attended classes at the School of Management, she commuted to campus from Colleyville and worked full time in the J.C. Penney Co. real estate research department. Now Miller lives across the street from campus and makes the daily drive to the Irving headquarters of Archon Group, an international asset management firm where she is the real estate business technology manager.

Miller recently spent a few minutes updating us on what she’s been up to since graduating:

Q.   What is your job like?
A.    I’ve had the unique opportunity to work on several different teams and explore two very different careers during my 11 years at Archon. Currently, I am in IT as a liaison between IT and our real estate business teams. I help ensure that everyone has the necessary technical tools and resources to do their job effectively. That could mean simple things, such as managing security access, helping procure new software or conducting training sessions. But I also handle more complicated projects, like designing custom software or other highly specialized tools. At Archon, I enjoy a job that allows me to be personable, creative and technical, all at the same time.

Q.   What were some of your favorite experiences as a student?
A.    I really enjoyed all of my classes and the exposure to so many different professors and classmates. My most memorable experience was a business calculus class where I befriended a girl sitting behind me on the first day of class. Then I spent the entire semester in a hot competition with her for the best test grades in the class! What’s funny is that Kristen Falies MBA’03 soon became and still is one of my very best friends. That’s the thing about college or graduate school—tuition fees and project deadlines can be tough, but they are temporary. The experiences, memories and friendships can last a lifetime.

Q.   How do you stay connected to your alma mater?
A.    I give my time to UT Dallas in a few different ways. I’ve attended some amazing presentations by Dr. Denise Park, co-director of UT Dallas’ Center for Vital Longevity, which focuses on understanding, maintaining and improving the aging mind.

My deep interest in the CVL stems from my experience in watching my mother lose her battle with Pick’s Disease, a form of dementia. She was only 66 years old when she died. But through that great loss, I gained an intimate exposure to the signs and behavior patterns of advancing dementia and a strong desire to make a positive impact in this area. I hope to honor my mother’s memory by being actively involved with the dedicated CVL community. With their research of the aging brain, they are committed to improving the future of so many people.

When I’m looking to reconnect with other graduates, I attend Power Grid, the quarterly networking meeting of School of Management (SOM) alumni, or I volunteer with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.


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