Missile-ruined buildings and Baghdad International Airport were a constant backdrop for Dilks during his time in Iraq.
From left: Dr. James Davilla, Jayne Davilla, Paul Oelkrug, Joe Dealey, Dr. Larry Sall, Janice Barden, Chuck McKinnon and Art Middlebrook. The council provides guidance and fundraising support for the HAC.

Several members of the McDermott Library’s History of Aviation Collection (HAC) Advisory Council recently traveled to San Jose, Calif., to view the private memorabilia of Dr. James Davilla, an aviation and aerospace enthusiast who also serves on the HAC council.

This is the second such trip sponsored by the HAC. Last spring, following the CIA-Air America Symposium at UT Dallas, several members of the council visited the CIA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Davilla’s tie to the University began when he used the McDermott Library Special Collections, home of the HAC, to do research for his book French Aircraft of the First World War. Since then he has established the James and Jayne Davilla Opportunity Fund, a permanent unrestricted endowment for the ongoing care and operation of the HAC. This is one of three such funds recently established for the HAC.

In California, Davilla and his wife, Jayne, were joined by fellow council members Janice Barden; Chuck McKinnon; Joe Dealey; Art Middlebrook; Dr. Larry Sall, former UT Dallas Dean of Libraries; Paul Oelkrug, head of McDermott Library Special Collections; and Dr. Aaron Conley, UT Dallas Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.

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