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May 2012

Service to Library Was Important to Grad's College Experience

When Archie Nettles BS'11 was still a student and heard that the Eugene McDermott Library was forming a student advisory board, he was one of the first to sign up. The public administration major had found the environment, structure and resources of the library to be mysterious when he first came to campus—and vital after he'd been here awhile.

"I really wanted to understand the dynamics of the library," Nettles said, "as it is so important to UT Dallas students, maybe the most important place on campus. I had taken a class early on in how to conduct research in the library. It's an art. And whenever I was trying to figure out something new, I sought out people at McDermott. They provided resources, classes, workshops. Understanding how to find information is key to academic success."

Nettles' future plans include working for a city or local government, going to grad school and someday running for political office. "In today's economy you have to be flexible," he said.

Upon joining the student advisory board, Nettles said he was impressed that he could have a direct say in how the library served students. "That's part of the beauty of being at a relatively young university," he said. "UT Dallas is student-driven and receptive to new ideas. If you have the desire, the University will give you lots of room to grow." And for so many UT Dallas students, that growth begins in the McDermott Library.

To learn more about the library and about other inspiring UT Dallas students, faculty and alumni, visit utdallas.edu/campaign.

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