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October 2012

PhD Candidate is Also Entrepreneur

Will Rosellini MBA'03, MS'08

When Will Rosellini MBA'03, MS'08 was pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks in professional baseball, he, like most pitchers, was fascinated by the mechanics of a perfect curveball or fastball. The only difference was he was captivated by the specific neuroscience and neuromuscular aspects of throwing a baseball, which made him a bit different than the rest of the guys in the bullpen.

Rosellini, a PhD candidate in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS), is a bit different than just about everybody when it comes to the pace and scope of his accomplishments. For one thing, he has six advanced degrees spanning business, law and science. For another, he has already founded and sold one telemedical company and raised $10 million in private equity funding for his latest venture, MicroTransponder Inc., which in collaboration with BBS researchers, is developing novel treatments for a variety of neurological disorders. For yet another, he will soon earn his doctorate in neuroscience, doing research in the efficacy and safety of a new form of electrical neurostimulation.

"UT Dallas was founded by visionaries on the leading edge of electronics," Rosellini said, "And I've been fascinated by the notion of shrinking electronic devices to integrate into the nervous system."

The first clinical product from Rosellini's translational neurotechnology research and from the company he leads will be a vagus nerve stimulator to treat tinnitus and post-stroke motor rehabilitation. "My goal is to help restore one million patients worldwide who have neurological deficits. I know that’s pretty audacious, but neurostimulation can have benefits anywhere the body uses electricity to communicate between cells, and that spans a wide range of neurological disorders."

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