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February 2013

Alumni in Asia Welcome President Daniel

President David E. Daniel traveled to Asia to meet with alumni in Hong Kong and Taiwan this winter. His itinerary included visits with Gary He MA’84, vice chairman and CEO of the Bank of China - Hong Kong, and Yancey Hai MA’78, chairman of Delta Electronics in Taipei. The trip concluded with a reception for alumni in Taiwan. President Daniel was joined on the trip by Aaron Conley, vice president for development and alumni relations.

Alumni in Taiwan extended a warm welcome to President Daniel.
Yancey Hai described one of his company’s latest business developments to President Daniel. Using Delta Electronics’ LED lighting and air and water circulation systems, the company provides agricultural companies the opportunity to create highly-controlled environments to continuously grow food, such as the lettuce shown here.
During a visit with President Daniel at the Bank of China – Hong Kong, Gary He reminisced about his management classes at UT Dallas and the internship he completed with Mercantile Bank.


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