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September 2014

A Message from Interim Vice President Dwight Clasby

Dwight Clasby

Greetings! As I write to you, we are preparing for an exciting celebration of the achievements of the Realize the Vision campaign, even as we bid farewell to a colleague whose efforts were a significant part of the campaign’s success. I hope you will join us on October 29th to share in the fun of reflecting on a job well done.

And if you haven’t yet made a gift, there’s still time to participate. We’re pleased that the five-year effort to raise $200 million has already met the goal — in fact, surpassed it, with a current total of $262 million and counting.

Our goal for alumni participation is still a work in progress, and an area that you can affect with a gift of any size between now and Dec. 31, 2014. I hope you’ll take this limited time opportunity to be a part of the University’s first comprehensive campaign.

I’m also writing to share news of a transition in our Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Dr. Aaron Conley has stepped down as vice president to take another opportunity at the University of Colorado, Boulder. We bid him a fond farewell, thanking him for his impact on the success of UT Dallas. In my five years working with Aaron in service to UT Dallas, we have seen support for the University flourish in response to new events, programs, publications and other activities undertaken to better serve not only you, our alumni, but also our neighbors, our business community and our colleagues in the charitable foundation community.

Your support has been a key factor in the University’s success. A couple of examples: The permanent endowment has grown from $195 million to more than $380 million, and the number of alumni making gifts to the University has doubled. Your help makes a significant difference in the way the University is positioned as it strives to meet its Tier One objectives. Thank you!

While we are in this time of change, we’ll continue to keep you apprised of your University’s progress, reaching out both locally and around the world to strengthen the relationships that mean so much to making UT Dallas a dynamic and growing institution. Please join me on October 29th to celebrate our campaign milestone, and watch for updates on the progress of the campaign as it rises to its conclusion. Thank you for being a part of this historic first in the life of the University, and please take the opportunity in these coming months before it closes to be a part of it by attending the celebration or making a participatory gift, or in another way that is meaningful to you.

I look forward to our continuing work together! Whoosh on!

Dwight Clasby
Interim Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Dwight Clasby is the interim vice president for development and alumni relations. He has been assistant vice president for development at UT Dallas since 2009. This fall, a national search will be conducted to permanently fill the vice president position.

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