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D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's Generative Influences in Art, Design, and Architecture: From Forces to Forms, an anthology coedited by Ellen K. Levy and Charissa N. Terranova. (Forthcoming from Bloomsbury Press, 2019).

Elpida Vouitsis. "Pissarro et Gauguin: Un maître et un élève à Nantes," in Nantes, 1886: le scandale impressionniste. Exhibition at the Musée d'arts de Nantes, October 11, 2018 to January 13, 2019. Curated by Cyrille Sciama.

Dallas Innovators: Bonnie Pitman Does Something New Every Day
October 10, 2018, Dallas Innovates

Benjamin Lima, “The Chapel.” In Francisco Moreno: Chapel. Exhibition catalog, Erin Cluley Gallery, Dallas (2018).
Exhibition links:
Francisco Moreno - The Chapel (video)
Francisco Moreno at Erin Cluley Gallery
Francisco Moreno at Erin Cluley Gallery, installation shots

Bonnie Pitman. "Pharma Art - Abstract Medication in the Work of Beverly Fishman." Journal of the American Medical Association Volume 319, Number 4 (Jan 2018): 326-328.

Sarah K. Kozlowski. "Toward a History of the Trecento Diptych: Format, Materiality, and Mobility in a Corpus of Diptychs from Angevin Naples." Forthcoming in Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte (2018).

John Wilcox: Diptychs and Polyptychs, with essays by Sarah Kozlowski and Benjamin Lima (The Ioannes Project/The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, 2018).


New York Review of Books
LXIV:18, November 23, 2017

TG Campania Edizione: EODIAH and Capodimonte Naples Symposium
October 17, 2017, RaiNews/TGR, (Italian, segment begins at 8:49)

Capodimonte, chiuso il convegno internazionale sulle città portuali
October 14, 2017, Il Mattino, (Italian)

A Capodimonte nel 2018 il Centro studi sulle città portuali
October 14, 2017, La Reppublica, (Italian)

Napoli, Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte in un contesto mondiale
October 6, 2017, Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte, (Italian)

Joseph R. Hartman. Inclusion in The Cuban Matrix, Torrance Art Museum. (September 2017).

Antliff, Allan. "Pedagogical Subversion: The ‘Un-American’ Graphics of Kevin Pyle.” SubStance, Volume 46, Number 2, Issue 43 (2017): 95-109.

DeWitte, Debra J. “Drawings on View in State-funded Venues and Artists’ Societies in Paris, 1860-90: A Data-driven Study” (2017).

Jacopo Gnisci. "Crosses from Ethiopia at the Dallas Museum of Art: An Overview."

Jacopo Gnisci. "Towards a Comparative Framework for Research on the Long Cycle in Ethiopic Gospels: Some Preliminary Observations." Aethiopica 20 (2017):1 – 37.

Pitman, Bonnie.  “The Art of Examination: Medical School and Art Museum Partnerships.San Antonio Medicine, July 2017.

Ruppen, Fabienne. “Paul Cézanne’s Loose Sheets in the Kupferstichkabinett of the Kunstmuseum Basel,” The Hidden Cézanne. From Sketchbook to Canvas, exh. cat., Kunstmuseum Basel, ed. Anita Haldemann, Munich/London/New York: Prestel (2017): 220–231.

New York Review of Books
LXIV:12, July 13, 2017

Want to Find New Audiences? Keep Trying New Things
June 22, 2017, Bonnie Pitman for Zócalo Public Square

Universities partner with Dallas Museum of Art to teach medical students importance of empathy
May 20, 2017, Dallas Morning News

Famed Landscape Architect to Receive First Brettell Award in the Arts
April 2017, UTD News Center

Pissarro in Eragny: Nature regained at Musée du Luxembourg curated by Richard Brettell and Joachim Pissarro
March 2017


How an Aesthete’s Eye Can Help a Doctor’s Hand
October 30, 2016, New York Times

O'Donnell Art History Institute Launches New Online Resource
October 2016, UTD News Center

Hilliard University Art Museum Announces Dr. Richard Brettell as Guest Lecturer for the Second Annual Bienvenu Lecture Series
March 2016, Hilliard University Art Museum

Buchanan Architecture completes O’Donnell Institute Digital Library in Dallas
February 6, 2016, BMN Architecture News

New library at the Dallas Museum of Art features a mirrored ceiling and a translucent study room
January 8, 2016, Dezeen

O’Donnell Digital Library: Using simple geometric forms, light and reflections, Buchanan Architecture create for this digital art library in Texas a neutral environment for looking at artworks.
January 8, 2016, Domus (Domusweb) (Italian)

Buchanan Architecture completes O'Donnell Institute Digital Library in Dallas.
January 8, 2016, Designboom (Italian)


O'Donnell Art History Institute Opens New Research Center at DMA
December 10, 2015, UT Dallas News Center

From The Newsroom: The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the UT Dallas opened a new wing last night within the Dallas Museum of Art.
December 2, 2015, KERA-FM (begins at minute 5:55)

UTD’s Brand-New Art Research Center — Is Inside The DMA
December 1, 2015, Art & Seek

O’Donnell Institute Unveils Research Center
December 1, 2015, Dallas Morning News

Buchanan Architecture Completes O'Donnell Institute Digital Library in Dallas.
November 30, 2015, MySweetCharity

How UTD is Creating a Top-Tier Art Institute
January 26, 2015, D Magazine

Schich, Max. Figuring out Art History.” Int. Journal for Digital Art History 2 (2015).

Kozlowski, Sarah K. “Circulation, Convergence, and the Worlds of Trecento Panel Painting: Simone Martini in Naples.” Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte 78:2 (2015): 205-238.


University of Texas at Dallas to Inaugurate New Art History Research Institute with Gathering of International Scholars in Partnership with Dallas Museum of Art
October 2014, Dallas Museum of Art

$17 Million Contribution Creates Edith O'Donnell Institute of Art History at UT Dallas
July 24, 2014, UTD News Center

Edith O’Donnell gives $17M to UT-Dallas for art history institute
May 2014, Dallas Morning News

Lewis Hine (1874–1940), Steamfitter, 1921, gelatin silver print, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas
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