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University of Texas at Dallas Asia Center and ECLAT Foundation Leadership Program

A Study Abroad Experience in Texas | Dallas + Austin + San Antonio + Houston

Program Overview

Participants who take part in the cross-cultural exchange program will increase their English language abilities, learn about US Culture, history, and government. This UTD Asia Center ECLAT Summer Leadership Program provides tailored academic and cultural opportunities for students from rural areas in China and Taiwan.

We offer an on-campus summer experience aimed at enriching global and life experiences of participants. Students accepted to the program complete a one-month program, from July 13 to August 11, 2019, and reside in an on-campus residence hall. Participants engage in classes, field experiences to Houston, Austin and San Antonio and activities intended to expand their education and to build mutual understanding between the United States and their home countries. The Summer Leadership Program provides:

  • Experiences in major US Cities aimed at developing a fuller understanding of America’s national complexity and diversity
  • An on-campus experience intended to build an understanding of college culture and opportunities to meet students from diverse backgrounds
  • Coursework in English language intended on improving language skills
  • Opportunities to visit and to meet leaders from various corporate and non-profit agencies
  • Introduction to US political structure and Texas political leadership

About The University of Texas Dallas | Asia Center

The University of Texas Dallas ( is an innovative institution in the heart of North Texas. The University has grown since its founding in 1969 to include 133-degree programs, with cutting-edge curricula serving a variety of undergraduate and graduate student interests. UT Dallas continues its original commitment to providing some of the state’s most-lauded science and engineering programs and has also gained prominence for a breadth of educational paths, from criminology to biomedical engineering to arts and technology.

The Asia Center is a University-wide collaboration dedicated to enhancing communication, understanding and productive engagement with the nations and peoples of Asia by facilitating and coordinating a wide range of educational programs, advanced research projects, and community outreach. The Director, Monique Wedderburn, provides administrative oversight for the Center. Ms. Wedderburn has 25 years of combined experience in international education, business development, human resource management and is experienced in program development and coordinating activities and study abroad field experience in the United States and in the Asia Pacific region (China, Thailand, Japan, Bangkok, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam).

About The ECLAT Foundation

The ECLAT Foundation, founded in 2011, is a non-profit organization created to provide opportunities, life-enriching experiences, and when necessary financial aid to deserving students in need for the express purpose of advancing and/or enhancing their education.  ECLAT stands for “Education Changes Lives and Times.”  It is our desire to help needy students achieve their potential through education, in the U.S., China, Taiwan, and elsewhere.


Should you have any questions or if additional information is required, please contact [email protected] (email) or Yih Min Jan [email protected] (email).