The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication explores new approaches to communication and creative design – disciplines that are changing as quickly as the technologies that drive them.

Arts & Technology

The Arts and Technology program merges the innovative processes of artists, scientists and engineers to explore new models and processes of creativity.

ATEC offers degree programs from the bachelor's through the doctoral level that prepare students to achieve in fields of e-culture design, research and development.

Study of the arts is augmented by the research tools, measures and practices of the sciences and technology.

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Emerging Media & Communication

The Emerging Media and Communication program studies the impact of digital media on social structures and cultural institutions.

The degree program fosters the skills necessary for students to succeed in the shifting communication landscape.

Through working on digital media projects, EMAC students develop critical, creative and collaborative skills in Web design, digital aesthetics, writing, social media, and platform and application development.

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