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Created in 2015, the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication merged two long-running programs at UTD: the program in Arts and Technology and the program in Emerging Media and Communication. As a School, ATEC serves more than 1,500 students, including 100 masters students (MA and MFA) and 40 doctoral students.

ATEC faculty include artists, designers, computer scientists, social scientists, cultural theorists, and reflective practitioners who seek to collaborate on intentional future-making through the creation of new cultural forms, the design of new technological experiences, the production of new knowledge, and the transformation of the culture industries. 

ATEC students are taught to be conversant across the discourses of art / science / design / engineering / humanities. They are expected to gain foundational knowledge in multiple disciplinary areas of expertise. They learn how to engage with different modes of knowledge production, different methods of analysis, and different research and creative practices.


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With the leadership of inaugural Dean Anne Balsamo, faculty welcomes the opportunities and challenges of teaching in a multidisciplinary school that values collegial open-mindedness and supports collaboration across differences.  Faculty demonstrates a commitment to teaching excellence, active scholarship, and service within the academic unit, university, and profession.