The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication merges the innovation processes of artists, scientists, and engineers and explores experimental models through new technologies and the uses, impact, and implications of digital technology for communication, culture, and commerce.


Create Your Own Path

ATEC currently offers three graduate programs. 

Masters of Arts (MA)
in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
Students pursuing an MA can select the pathway of Game Studies, Interaction Design, or Networked Cultures. The Masters in ATEC is designed for those engaged in professional practice wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills and for students intending to pursue their doctorate in a related field.

*Applications have been suspended for the Interaction Design pathway

Masters of Fine Arts (MFA)
in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
Students pursuing an MFA can select the pathway of Animation, Creative Practice, or Game Development. The MFA in ATEC is designed for both students wishing to teach arts-and- technology-related courses at the college level, and for those intending to engage in professional studio or design practice.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
The PhD program emphasizes the fusion of creative practice, critical thinking, and theoretical investigation. It is designed both for students wishing to teach arts-and-technology-related courses in colleges and universities and those who wish to develop new artistic, cultural, or commercial applications of digital technology/emerging media.


Admission Requirements

The University’s general admission requirements can be found on the Enrollment Services website.

Students are admitted into graduate programs in ATEC once per year, to start in the Fall semester. Graduate programs in ATEC require additional requirements for admission i.e. letters of recommendation, portfolio submission, etc. Visit the graduate catalog for an overview of ATEC graduate admission requirements.


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Join the ATEC Grad Programs Overview and Discussion led by Dr. Kim Knight, ATEC Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Graduate Advisors. To review the event schedule visit the events section of the ATEC News page. Just click on your desired date and message your advisor for Webex information.