Doctoral Candidates in Arts and Technology

Jeffrey Senita

Disruptive Technologies Transforming Location-Based Entertainment

Thomas Linehan, Game Design
Dean Terry, Emerging Media
Midori Kitagawa, Animation & Motion Capture
Roger Malina, Arts, Sciences & Technology

Sherri Balch Segovia

Contributing to a Literacy of the Body in Digital Game Interaction

Frank Dufour, co-chair
David Parry, co-chair 
Monica Evans
Roger Malina 

John Kay

Immersive Computer-Based Media as Communication Technologies of Faith

Marjorie Zielke, Chair, ATEC
Frank Dufour, ATEC
Ryan McMahan, ATEC/Computer Science
Thomas Riccio, Humanities Aesthetic Studies/Art and Performance/Drama

On the Web

Terri Howard-Hughes

The Evolution of Technological Representation of Movement in Film and the Spectator Experience

Frank Dufour, Chair, ATEC
Charissa Terranova, Arts and Performance
Shilyh Warren, Film History
Kim Knight, EMAC

Asma Naz

Design of Interactive Living Spaces: Enhancing Experience through Spatial Articulation

Mihai Nadin, Chair, ATEC
Charissa Terranova, Arts & Humanities
Ryan P. McMahan, ATEC/Computer Science
Frank Dufour, ATEC

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