Elizabeth Boyd

Senior Lecturer

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ATC 3.613

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Areas of Specialization

3d modeling, 3d texturing/surfacing, 3d generalist

Elizabeth S. P. Boyd is currently a Senior Lecturer III in UTDallas’s ATEC program. Her specialties are 3D modeling and texturing/surfacing. She has additional skills as a 3D generalist in rigging, lighting, rendering/compositing, and character design. Elizabeth earned an M.F.A in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Elizabeth teaches many classes at UTDallas in ATEC. They include: Modeling and Texturing I, Modeling and Texturing II, Animation Studio I, Animation Studio II, Senior Seminar, and 3D Character Sculpting.  

Elizabeth Boyd’s previous industry experience includes two years of employment at Reel FX, where she was lead character modeler for the feature film, The Book of Life. Her duties included building primary and secondary characters, creating character asset standards, and helping fellow modelers with new pipeline procedures. When that project ended, she moved to Reel FX's next project, Rock Dog, where she built characters, props and environments for the film. Previously Elizabeth worked at Element X Creative, a local 3D production studio. She created assets for Bowlopolis, a cartoon series commissioned by the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, as well as props and buildings for Zynga’s Castleville. In 2010, Elizabeth was accepted into a summer internship at Walt Disney Animation Studios where she worked closely with modeling mentors studying concepts including how to perfect character mesh flow and create appealing design. Her time in the field allowed her to utilize the latest in 3D software and technology, understand pipeline procedures, and learn how to navigate through the 3D production industry. Currently, Elizabeth finds great enjoyment and relaxation in illustrating for books, wedding invitations, and other downloadable printables that she sells on a personal website.  Elizabeth continues to stay relevant in the ever evolving film industry by working as a freelance modeler.