This is a (mostly) weekly blog about my research project, informally titled “Music Makes You Smarter”.  I am in the process of getting IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval for use of human subjects and hope to start the research in January.  Stay tuned!


3/21/2015  I am now working on the project “Does studying music enhance academic skills in undergraduate non-music majors?”.  I received IRB approval in Novembers, and designed an on line survey using Qualtrics. The survey went to over 800 students at UTD who are taking either music or sound design course this term.  We have 100+ responses already and send a second requrest this week.  The survey includes an option to do an in depth personal interview and over 30 students have volunteered. To date, I have interviewed 10 students and hope to do as least 10 more by the end of the term. The next step will be to analyze the data from the surveys plus the transcriptions and field notes of the in person interviews.  A lot to do!