From Paul Thomas, College of Fine Arts, UNSW and Leonardo Education and Art Forum International Liaison


New!  Cloud Curriculum workshop at Cornell: see the links at the bottom of the page

About the cloud curriculum workshops:

The proposal was to initially run two international workshops to generate and build an internationally recognised plus Leonardo endorsed art and science cloud curricula by focusing on the establishment of an initial foundational unit/module outline. The ASCC wiki will evolve and be colonised by contemporary scholars to suggest and create the attributes and course work that should be undertaken to produce the basic set of understandings to enable students to engage in the world of art and science.

The proposal would then allow other units/ modules/ courses etc to grow from this creating an organic network of current art and science curricula.

The workshops were held in Copenhagen and Prague and you can visit the results on the workshops on the webpage.

The next cloud curriculum workshop will be held at the ISEA conference in Sydney, Australia on June 8, 2013. transdia-test2.jpg


See the results on the Cloud Curriculum webpage here: