The National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) in the UK
The National Society for Education in Art and Design is the leading national authority concerned with art, craft and design across all phases of education in the United Kingdom. We offer, for a single subscription, the extensive benefits of membership of a professional association, a learned society and a trade union.

Mark Tribe’s and Michael Naimark’s directory about Art & Technology Programs
Including: Art and Science, Art and Technology, Computer Art, Cyber-Art, Digital Art, Electronic Art, Interactive Art, Media Art, New Media Art, Science Art, Tech Art, Techno-Art, and Technology-based Art. For prospective students, faculty, and others!

ACM SIGGRAPH Education Index
The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Index strives to be a comprehensive online interactive database of academic “programs that offer computer graphics, digital arts, interactive media and games curricula. The Index can be a valuable resource for students researching schools, for educators seeking to connect with other educators, and for professionals who want to broaden their skills.

Ars Pratica
Observation is essential to expertise in medicine, and yet clinical training lacks a standard model for teaching and learning how to look. Interacting with visual art is exactly the kind of practice-based experience that is required to learn to look effectively. Learning to see brings many unexpected benefits: quite literally, opening eyes opens minds. Arts Practica proposes a model for learning observation in the context of art museums to improve quality in the clinic. Arts Practica is a medical education consultancy committed to improving healthcare quality, reducing misdiagnosis, and increasing arts engagement. Arts Practica takes an education approach, focusing on creative skill development for better doctoring and better teaching.

Arts Active:  International network of artists’ programs in science and industry research lab

The Art and Science Collaboration, Inc.

ArtScience Labs, a network of culture labs that catalyze idea translation through art and design experiments at frontiers of science.

Art Science Research Laboratory (ASRL), a New York based, not-for-profit organization, is committed to the creation of intellectual environment and advocacy of interdisciplinary study.

The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of science centers and museums dedicated to furthering public engagement with science among increasingly diverse audiences. ASTC encourages excellence and innovation in informal science learning by serving and linking its members worldwide and advancing their common goals.Through strategic alliances and global partnerships, ASTC also supports science centers and museums in proactively addressing critical societal issues, locally and globally, where understanding of and engagement with science are essential. Founded in 1973, ASTC now numbers nearly 600 members in over 40 countries. Members include not only science centers and museums, but also nature centers, aquariums, planetariums, zoos, botanical gardens, and natural history and children’s museums, as well as companies, consultants, and other organizations that share an interest in informal science education.

Inter-Disciplinary.Net is a forum for the exchange and interaction of ideas, research and points of view that bear on a wide range of issues of concern and interest in the contemporary world. We promote and sponsor inter- and multi-disciplinary encounters by bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, with the aim to engender and nurture engagements that cross the boundaries of intellectual work. Our projects, conferences and publishing activities are creative and novel, and they evolve constantly as we seek out and foster emergent developments.

International Directory of Designt Academic Courses and Masters on arts/sciences/technologies.

Intersections of Art, Technology, Science & Culture 
Stephen Wilson’s directory about educational programs (this list is no longer active)

National Organization of Media Arts Database

National Public Radio’s Special Series “Where Science Meets Arts” (2005)

Noema is a website devoted to culture-new technologies interrelations and influences. “Culture” also means “habits”, “lifestyles”, “communications”, “science”, “art”, “society”, “economy”, “media”, “philosophy”…, while “new technologies” should be intended in a broader meaning than the digital realm. Noema has been on the Web since March 2000. In 2003 RAI International selected Noema as best Italian website.  Noema was born in November 1999 and it has been officially online since March 2000. But it would be possible going backward in time, since its roots date back to the first ’90s, when in March 1994 a small group at the University of Bologna published NetMagazine (then renamed in MagNet), the first online magazine in Italy, an experience which is still mentioned in the books on the interface design.  Noema anticipated and influenced, for its contents, logics and sections, many websites on the relationships between culture and technologies, not only in Italy. The website followed the Web evolution, passing from pure HTML to databases and adjusting its interface until the 3rd release in 2004, which is still today’s unchanged ongoing release, maybe because there was not so much to change. In the meanwhile Noema gave birth to many projects, from didactics to publishing, from journalism to Open Source, to art…

Technology and the Arts: Exploring the Intersection of Arts Management and Online Technology

Wholeearthmedia aims to provide a content rich narrative exploring the increasing range of contexts in which ICT and old/new technological media impact on visual literacy, curriculum content, teaching and learning in art and design education and the creative cultural industries.

YASMIN is a network of artists, scientists, engineers, theoreticians and institutions promoting communication and collaboration in art, science and technology around the Mediterranean Rim.
YASMIN welcomes information on events, artists’ works, organizations’ programmes, projects, initiatives as well as discussions and critical analysis in the field of art, science and technology around the Mediterranean Rim.
YASMIN aims to identify the players and to facilitate cooperation within the Mediterranean Rim