time and the city: take 2

The technology taught in this seminar is digital editing software. The intention is to introduce technical skills supporting critical use of the moving image in the design studio. Students may also find that  techniques acquired in this class dovetail with architectural imaging  programs  (modeling and animation); some students from past seminars have gone on to apply these skills to filmmaking per se.   Acquired skills will be applied to the creation of short videos exploring urban sites. These videos will complete a project begun last semester, a set of videos for a Dutch project documenting cities around the world: www.cityoneminutes.org.We will  also  try  to  understand  our  work  in  (without  limiting  it  by)  the  context  of  the  shared modern history of film and architecture, from the earliest city films to the contemporary shift from film to video to ubiquitous media. To this end we will look at Dziga Vertov’s cinematic work and the principles behind it, and current writing which relates it to contemporary media.

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg    http://umanitoba.ca/