UCL Digital Humanities Courses

MA/MSc in Digital Humanities offers the following courses:

Core Module 1: Digital Resources in the Humanities  Introducing a range of issues involved in the design, creation, management and use of digital resources in the humanities.

Core Module 2: Internet Technologies  Exploring the basic concepts of markup (including Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, XHTML), website structuring and design, and issues involved in generating and delivering online content.

Core Module 3: Introduction to Programming and Database Querying  Providing an introduction to the key concepts and principles of standard procedural computer programming and a brief introduction to relational database querying and manipulation.

Core Module 4: Server Programming and Structured Data  Covering approaches to creating database driven websites, with a focus on applications relating to maps and spatial data.

Core Module 5: XML  Providing an overview of Extensible Markup language; giving students the opportunity to practice XML markup techniques, processing with XSLT, and demonstrating the use of XML in publishing.

University College London Center for Digital Humanities   http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dh/