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UT Dallas ATEC Research Colloquia Series


This ATEC ARS Colloquium Series features the research activities of ATEC EMAC faculty and of our collaborators in other schools of UT Dallas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We also invite international visiting researchers and scholars

The ATEC Colloquium Committee welcomes suggestions for speakers visiting the metroplex or from the metroplex. Please send your suggestions to one of the Colloquium Committee Members: Professors Roger Malina and Mihai Nadin; co-chairs: Members: Prof Rosanna Guadagno

Committee Members

Roger Malina

Associate Director of Arts and Technology

Mihal Nadin

Ashbel Smith Professor of Computer Science and Interactive Media

Rosanna Guadagno

Associate Professor

Lindsey Joyce

PhD student, Arts and Technology

Previous Speakers