Paul Fishwick

Distinguished University Chair of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication and Professor of Computer Science

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ATC 3.206

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Areas of Specialization

Modeling and Simulation, Aesthetic Computing, Art/Science, Computer Science Education

Paul Fishwick has six years of industrial experience at Newport News Shipbuilding and at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia. He obtained the PhD in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania. has worked in academia since 1986. Fishwick’s main research area is modeling and simulation, with a focus on education and public engagement in modeling as used in the arts, science and engineering. He was Director of the Digital Arts and Sciences Program at the University of Florida for twelve years, and served as ACM SIGSIM Chair for four years. Fishwick is Fellow of the Society for Computer Simulation (SCSI) and has given 23 international keynote and plenary addresses, published 215 technical publications, has authored or edited 10 volumes related to modeling and simulation. He has received numerous international and national awards related to modeling and simulation.

Fishwick has served on every major archival journal editorial board related to modeling and simulation, including ACM Transactions on Modeling and Simulation, where he served for 25 years in the role of Area Editor of Modeling Methodology. He has been active in modeling and simulation conferences, including serving as General Chair for the 2000 Winter Simulation Conference. In ATEC, Fishwick is active in forging new bridges between ATEC and Engineering, particularly Computer Science (CS). These bridges include (1) new CS curricula for non-majors, and connecting CS principles within real-world experience, (2) creating an Internet of Things informal learning framework for beacon electronics, and (3) forging new interdisciplinary art/science connections with local Dallas museums.