Casey Allen Johnson

Assistant Professor

[email protected]
ATC 3.915

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Areas of Specialization

pipeline and tool development for feature films

Casey Johnson’s professional background is in the field of 3D computer animation. He has professional experience as both a generalist and a technical director.

He began his career in corporate video, making safety and training materials for one of the largest air-conditioning producers in the world. From there he went into the educational software industry, working as a generalist for a company whose software was in over half the K-6 schools in the U.S. He worked as a graphic artist for three years, after which he went to Clemson to get his M.F.A. Before graduating, he accepted a job in California working for Rhythm and Hues as a pipeline technical director for feature films. After working on several VFX films, he went to Reel FX to work on animated films as an animation technical director.

Casey Johnson is currently an assistant professor at the school of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication, where he teaches technical classes in pipeline and tool development.