Playblast and Hardware Rendering


Playblast gives you a quick preview of animation without any rendering effects.

Open Playblast Options window by selecting a small square next to Playblast under Window.

In Playblast Options window, set the frame size required for Assignment 1 (320 x 240):

  • Select Custom as Display Size.
  • Enter 320 and 240 in the boxes under Custom.
  • Slide Scale slider to 1.00. This is important since if you kept the default scale 0.50, the frame size would be 160 x 120.

Click on Browse... and find the folder into which you want to save your animation.

Type in the file name you want to give to your animation in the box next to Movie File.

Playback speed

To set 30 fps (frames per second) as your animation playback speed:

  1. Select Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Preferences.
  2. In Preferences window, select Time Slider under Settings.
  3. In Playback tab, select Other as Playback speed.
  4. Type in 30 in the white box next to Other. Then, Playback speed becomes Other [30fps].

Hardware Rendering

Hardware renderer gives your more options than Playblast but still renders much faster than software renderer.

Before you hardware render an animation sequence, you may change the colors of objects and background as follows.

  1. Open Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Colors Settings.
  2. In General tab, open 3D views tab. Change background to black.
  3. in Active tab, open Objects tab. Change NURBS Surfaces (Polygon Surfaces if you are using polygonal objects.) to white.
  4. in Inactive tab, open Objects tab. Change NURBS Surfaces (Polygon Surfaces if you are using polygonal objects.) to white.
  5. Click on Save.

Now open Hardware Render Buffer by Window -> Rendering Editors -> Hardware Render Buffer...
In Hardware Render Buffer, select Cameras -> Persp (or any other view you want to use).
in Preferences windowopen Attributes window by selecting Render -> Attributes...

The following should be set in Attributes:
In Image Output Files ta
b, set:

  • Filename: whatever_you_want
  • Extension: name.0001.ext
  • Start Frame: 1
  • End Frame: 150 (or whatever the number of frames in your animation)
  • Image Format: GIF or TIFF or any file format that the editing application of your choice imports
  • Resolution: 320 x 240

In Render Modes tab, select Wireframe as Draw Style.
In Display Options tab, select black as Background Color.

Going back to Hardware Render Buffer:
To render the sequence, selecting Render -> Render sequence.
To playback the sequence, selecting Flipbooks -> im.1-150.