A conceptual storyboard is used to develop the basic visual ideas such as the actions of the characters, camera positions, timing of motions, and transitions between shots/scenes. Conceptual storyboards are often loose, sketchy, and informal.

presentation storyboard is used to show a detailed visual summary of the project to individuals with a decision-making authority, such as clients or supervisors. Presentation storyboards are often with details in color.

Storyboard examples

101 Dalmatians


Storyboard templates

horizontal format

vertical format

Your drawing frames should have a 3:4 aspect ratio; however, when you are showing camera moves you may use non-3:4 aspect ratio for drawing frames. You can use arrows to show the direction of action. For more about storyboarding read From Word to Image: Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process by Marcie Begleiter or The Art of the Storyboard: Storyboarding for Film, TV, and Animation by John Hart.