Mihai Nadin

Ashbel Smith Professor
Professor of Computer Science and Interactive Media
Director, antÉ - Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems

[email protected]
ATC 2.706


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Areas of Specialization

he is, among other things, a pioneer in computer graphics and arts, human-computer interaction, visualization, semiotics, and anticipatory systems. he founded and directed the world's first computational design program. his current area of research is anticipation/anticipatory systems and anticipatory computation.

Mihai Nadin’s areas of expertise range from electrical engineering and computer science to aesthetics of interactive arts, semiotics, human-computer interaction. His current area of interest and research is anticipation/anticipatory systems, in which he is recognized as a world leader cf. www.anteinstitute.org

Pioneer of computer graphics (since 1964) and computer sound generation (1966), Nadin tried to connect the new science and technology with the arts, literature and design. He was the first to explore and establish the semiotics of visual communication and the semiotics of human-computer interaction. Nadin directed the first ever program in Computational Design, advancing a model of ubiquitous computing that is reflected in the current Internet of Things (IoT). He introduced “serious games” to ATEC with Project Seneludens, which emphasized interaction in order to maintain the health of the aging population. In recognition of Nadin’ contributions to the systems movement, the International Jounral of General Systems features a retrospective of his activity cf. http://www.nadin.ws/archives/3063

Major publications include:

Are You Stupid? A Second Revolution Might Save America From Herself. Heidelberg/New York: Synchron Publishers, 2013, 368 pp.

Anticipation: The End Is Where We Start From (English-German-French text). Baden, Switzerland: Lars Müller Publishers, 2003. 129 pp.

The Civilization of Illiteracy. Dresden: Dresden University Press, 1997. 881 pp.

"MIND-Anticipation and Chaos." From the series Milestones in Thought and Discovery (English-German parallel text). Stuttgart/Zürich: Belser Presse, 1991. 176 pp.

He edited (Springer, Cognitive systems series):
Anticipation and Medicine (2017)
Anticipation Across Disciplines (2016)
Anticipation: Learning from the Past. The Russian/Soviet Contributions to the Science of Anticipation (2015)

For more about Nadin, including a complete list of his publications, see www.nadin.us