EMAC Grad Mentioned in KERA’s Art+Seek


As South by Southwest (SXSW) is taking over Austin, TX in Dallas the team at KERA was busy working on a story about how high-tech is meeting high-fashion. The Art+Seek article written by Lauren Silverman covers the role of technology and it’s history in fashion starting with MIT’s “wearable computer.”  Silverman spoke with Designer Jennifer Darmour who was at SXSW interactive talk about the movement to blend technology and fashion more seamlessly.

In Silverman’s article she mentions a prototype garment using the LilyPad Arduino which is what Professor Kim Knight uses in her Fashioning Circuits class here on the UTD campus.

Ping” allows you to send messages to your friends on Facebook with different gestures. Then there’s custom software that translates your gestures into messages. You could then customize the messages, a flip of your hood could send a note you’re leaving home and untying a belt could send a message you’ve finished work or are relaxing.”

Fashioning Circuits course also uses products from SparkFun Electronics and Silverman interviewed Dia Campbell about their wearable technology.

“marrying technology and fashion is empowering.”

Dia Campbell was also part of EMAC graduate student, Amy Pickup’s Fashioning Circuits camp to spark young girls interest in art and technology. Silverman spoke with Amy about her drive to create a summer camp for girls at Oil and Cotton appropriately titled Electronic Fashion Camp. Over three days, girls learned about circuitry, coding, and crafting to create their own LilyPad Arduino project. Amy Pickup continues this project through her website, etiquette creative.